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W4 WI - serves me right:(


One day at a time!
Well after my blip on Sunday I have paid a high price - I have gained 1.25lbs:cry: My WI this morning was really miserable - had a really hard nightshift last night, kept to plan and drank loads of water, and kept my fingers crossed that there wouldn't be much damage this morning:( I was prepared for a STS week, but a loss shocked me and has left me a bit miserable. I guess if I have learnt a lesson then it stands me in good stead but I look at everyone else's good losses every week and feel a bit of a failure. In addition to that my CDC is going on holiday for 2 weeks so am worried about "drifting" without a weigh-in.

Sorry to be a bit negative - just need to offload, have a kick up the backside and told to knuckle down and get on with it!
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Oops! Ok, get on with it! :D Only thing you can do is put it behind you I guess. I had a blip on Friday and yeah, felt miserable afterward. It certainly wasn't worth it IMHO and I've learned from it.

Hope you manage to get back on track, I'm sure you will.


Cambridge Consultant
Hey Minxie,
Hop back on!! We are all human and remember that feeling when you went to your cdc and how you felt when you got on the scales.. and that should help to make you not have a little blip..
Your doing fab ...... tomorrow is a new day xx


One day at a time!
Thanks Lunarjim and curlywurly - you are both so inspiring with your great losses and coping strategies:) I must try and remember how bad I felt and not do it again!


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Minxie as I said earlier, you had just come off a night shift where you were drinking throughout the night and I think this would have definitely affected your WI. I know that you have been beating yourself up, but don't you have done so well. I am sure that your slight gain will be long gone by the time CDC comes back of hols. Stick with it... I will ensure we both do :) as it will be so worth it when we are buying those size 14 jeans XXXX
That is the past and tomorrow is another day and the beginning of a new week! Good luck for the week ahead and if you are tempted to cheat just remember how horrid you felt when you gained and how totally amazing it feels when you lose. You can do this xxx


One day at a time!
Thanks Jess - I'm determined to get back to big losses! Drinking litres and litres of water right now!


One day at a time!
Thanks Julie - it's so great that everyone is so supportive here. If you all say I can do it I CAN do it!!

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