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I dont think it will help speed up weight loss as you will be losing weight fast anyways especially on ss. There is some people on here who didnt do a bit of excercise. If you were doing it before starting cd then keep it up, it would help with the toning up aswell. sorry havent really helped ya!

becky x


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I walk my dog every day, so not sure if it has affected weight loss, but it does make you feel good and tones you up.
I'd deffinately recommend it x


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Now that the weather has improved i'm getting out for a walk with the children as often as i can (maybe 3 or 4 times a week) Its not particularly brisk as there's only so fast the legs of two toddlers can go lol but even if it isnt speeding up my weight loss there's just the feel-good factor of getting out in the fresh air. And the added benefit i guess of being away from any food temptation for an hour or so lol


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On a gorgeous day...walking makes you feel fantastic...on a soggy day...it's still very good for lifting spirits...not to mention it's toning and calorie burning properties.
As long as you don't go power walking for hours on end, you should be fine.

regards Gaynor x


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i walked loads last week, shopping ect ect but i was nakard at the end of it


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The more calories you burn, the more you lose. (as long as you dont go over board - someone on here said your body will go into 'starvation mode' if you do too much exercise)- I am def not a scientist so dont know if that is true. But I would think walking will help speed weightloss up and its a good habit to get into for when you go into maintainence.


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I think someone worked out that you would have to walk for 20miles a week to lose an extra pound a MONTH. Those are not the exact figures but it was something like that.

As others have said getting out in the fresh air is good for the soul. I find it gived me some thinking time and I always feel energised when I come back from a walk.

Not sure about the 20 miles a week to lose 1 pound per month, going by the calories burned on my threadmill (3500 cals in 1lb) :) I dont think that would include power walking that would get the heart and metobolism really going.....

But anyway getting out and walking makes you feel better in yourself and more inclined to want to eat healthily (assuming a regular diet as oppsed to CD) so even if you only did lose 1 pound due to the walking you'd lose more due to the other changes :)
I'm not sure if it'll increase your weightloss but it will help you to become more healthy as you lose the weight. Its always a good starting point if you want to start getting fit and take up exercising. I would advise 20 - 30 mins a day for 3 - 4 days a week. But maybe start off slow if you're on SS and work upto 30 mins. At the mo i walk about 15 - 20 mins about 3 times a week. Buti am hoping to increase that as well as taking up swimming.

I think the best way toincrease your weightloss is to drink more water.

xx :)


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S: 17st11lb C: 16st9lb G: 11st5lb BMI: 36.5 Loss: 1st2lb(6.43%)
I keep meaning to get myself a good pedometer. Some days I think I barely do 1000 steps but when I go for a long country walk it would be interesting to know how I am doing.

I think there is a walking section on this board somewhere

Thanx 2 All Of U's Who Replied,might Take The Walkin Up A Couple Of Times A Week,if Nothin Else It Will Clear Ur Mind And Keep U Away From The Fridge 4 A Bit.xxx

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