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want to binge after a compliment


I used to experience this alot. Its one of the reasons i fell off the wagon. People at work noticed i had lost weight, complimented me and then i would think that i should celebrate my losses becoming obvious to others (usually with a special fried rice from the chinese in my case!!). This became a regular occurence and now i realise that i'll get more compliments if i continue on the plan rather than slide off it occasionally! I keep an old photo of me at my ideal weight on the fridge and when i feel the urge to be naughty i look at the photo and it encourages me to continue.

What i will say is if its only the odd biscuit your having, don't feel too guilty about it. Unnecessary guilt can increase hunger pangs more than they need to. Maybe think of something else you can reward yourself with when you next get a compliment :)

Good luck, x
All. The. Time. That's the reason I have never been able to KEEP losing weight. I get a compliment and then I eat. So weird.

Its odd that u bring this up because related to this...I've been lying when ppl say "have u lost weight?" Part of me doesn't want the attention. The other part of me doesn't want to admit it because I'm afraid of binging. So if it helps u - LIE! LOL.
Hi Amy
I am totally like this and I thought I was the only one...it's nice when someone pays you a compliment but I know it will always send me off the rails. Not this time tho I am determined to keep to the plan and finally lose the last stone and a half.
Keep going, enjoy the compliments.


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Thanks guys.

I hope I stop all of this because I can see it being a slippery slope but I am glad that I'm not alone. I really thought that losing weight and receiving praise for it would spur me on to continue but it doesn't seem to..... oh well.

I think a gain is likely this week as well, which again I would have thought would push me to buck up my ideas but we'll wait and see :rolleyes:


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I can really relate to your comment, a couple of days ago I woke up and looked in the mirror and thought 'I look much slimmer and almost have a bikini worthy body again'.
So what did I do for the last two days?....Binged and went off plan that's what. I am now struggling furiously to get back to it today.


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I can really relate to your comment, a couple of days ago I woke up and looked in the mirror and thought 'I look much slimmer and almost have a bikini worthy body again'.
So what did I do for the last two days?....Binged and went off plan that's what. I am now struggling furiously to get back to it today.
I know isn't it strange. I honestly thought it would be the complete opposite and noticing a change will push me to continue going.

I am finding it so hard to get back on track after completly messing up for 5 days.

I changed my WI day to a Thursday from a Monday so that if I had a naughty weekend (this is the only time I ever fall off the wagon) then I would have 4 days to make up for it. But instead my brain is saying 'you have 4 days to make up for it ..... have some chinese or kebab or pizza or that extra piece of chocolate'

I really want to put on this week so it will give me a kick up the bum, but I'm also worried that putting on weight will make me think oh well I ruined it and then I will continue to binge.

I forgot how much the way you think and react can have an impact on healthy eating :confused:
Hi Amy
The weekend here (middle east) is Thursday/Friday and I weigh in on a Saturday to try and stop myself coming off the diet...it's tough but if I have a couple of days off I can never seem to get back on track.
You have had fantastic losses so far, keep going.
Hi Amy
Aren't forums wonderful things? I thought I was the only person in the world that did this!

I've lost weight with Slimming World once before and can pinpoint the exact time I started putting the lot back on again. It was when a big group of us went out to dinner and a couple of the guys mentioned how well I'd done and complimented me. They were just being sweet and there was nothing more to it than that but I really didn't like the attention so I ate to fade back into the background.

I suppose it's also all linked to rewarding yourself with food that probably got a lot of us here in the first place.

I'm not saying it's the same for everyone, but it took me a long time to realise what had happened last time and, hopefully, I can avoid the same pitfalls this time.

So, go and reward yourself for how well you've done so far with something you can't eat and plan how you're going to reward yourself for getting to your next goal.

Good luck! x


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:DThanks everyone,

I am so glad I posted this thread and its nice to know that I am not alone. Having a treat is fine but I need to know when to stop. I am afraid I think I'm an all or nothing type of girl........ so I will try to be 100% now.

I have been 100% today and although WI is tomorrow I am finding it difficult to get to the Thursday WI which means I'll be going back to my Monday WI which will give me an extra 5 days.......

Will I use the 5 days to be good and get the weight off or will I think oh well I have 5 days, only time will tell and all your support on here should keep me on track


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Hi Amy, So glad you asked that question!
I am amazed at how many of us there are that have this problem of being complimented. Think it is a combination of feeling conspicuos when paid a compliment and also it seems like my brain switches off, almost like saying - your'e there now so you don't have to bother any more!

Very strange!!..:confused:

Keep up the good work and keep posting - I know it keeps me out of mischif!...:D
You're definitely not alone Amy! I can relate to this too.... both receiving compliments and actually feeling better in myself and clothes too.... both of these have the potential to send me off plan. The more times you follow up a compliment with actually sticking to plan, the easier it will be :)
Lol. U don't have to lie. I do because I'm a Nutter. They say have u lost weight? And I say nooo I don't think so?! And they say oh well ur face looks thinner. And I say oh well that's good I suppose. Lol. Once I've lost 20lbs I think I might admit it. Lol.
Sometimes and especially if its work colleagues, if they say "Oh you look like you've lost weight", I do play it down and say "Oh maybe a pound or couple of pounds I dont know" and secretly inside I'm thinking, woah at last my weight loss is actually noticeable! When I manage to lose a bit more, I'll probably play it down then too.


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I find it interesting that some of us go off the rails because they don't like the attention.

Thats not my problem, if someone makes a comment like 'have you lost weight' I can't keep the amount of weight I have lost in.

I have tried to go 'oh yeah, I have been eating a little bit better'

but give it a few seconds and its 'yeah I have lost over a stone'

I would like to be able to play it down :D


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One of the club too! Why? Why do we find it so hard to take that compliment? Worse, why do we eat so people don't notice us anymore? Any therapists out there? :)

So glad to know I'm not the only one. Now to get the strategies out so we don't continue . . .
The compliments I usually get - 'you've lost so much weight!' - are usually followed by the sentence that gets me doubting - 'you need to stop now or you'll waste away!'... So yeah, I feel like binge-ing after a compliment too, but it's only because I become conscious all of a sudden, of if people are watching what I'm eating. It's sad, but we should all just smile pleasantly and tune out after accepting the compliment! xxx

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