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Want to come back but not sure ramble!


Hiya everyone, I quit Cambridge just over a month ago quoting the words "never again" but I'm not so sure now!

I start on the diet two or three years ago in October as I wanted to lose about a stone and a half before I went to New York for new year. I lost just over a stone and went to New York feeling fat:sigh: What I hadn't realised in my brain is that whilst I wasn't as slinky as I wanted to be ultimately I was only about 14lbs from finishing! So I went to NY shopped and ate til I dropped and came home with some nice clothes and 1/2 stone heavier! Since then I have failed to get back to Cambridge for more than a few days and am now 3 stone heavier than when I returned from NY!!!!!!. I want to get these lbs off but have no idea how anymore!:mad: I went back to doins SW for the last few weeks but with Xmas coming up and all the sweets etc I haven't stuck to it. So I have decided to tackle my weight from the 2nd Jan. But where to start - do I try cambridge again?????? or SW???? All I want most in the world right now is to be a size 12 so why do I keep failing??? Any help or advice appreciated, apologies for the rant!!!

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Join the valentines challenge, get back on the CD wagon and do it one last time. Go up the steps and teach yourself how to eat again.



Ah thank hun. I've just lost my slimming mojo - and need to get it back!
I think you'll prob find it when the scales show a few lbs loss, so wing it till then. You know CD, on SS you'll lose a few lbs in the first week. Get week 1 over with and you'll be away!
I will pledge to join you in the new year, maybe we should start a thread. I have had a terrible dieting jourb=ney the last few years resulting in me being the heaviest i have ever been in my life. Trying slimfast till xmas just to prepare a bit but wanting to start cambridge in January, not brave enough to say 2nd as I go out on the 'pop' new years day so might need stodge on 2 January. I am looking to start back on 7 January typical - a monday!!!!!

I am at a wedding in July and need to shift at least 5 stone by then, 6 stone would be marvellous and the thing is I know it is possible as I have tried lighterlife/cambridge before.

Speak soon!!!!


Hey HD, That would be great we could support each other along the way. I have 5 stone ish to lose to. Why did you decide to go back to Cambridge? The reason I ask is I know how hard it is and was wondering if I was doing the right thing going back on it.

just started a new thread!!!

the reason i am going to do cambridge again is simple.. it works!!!!!!!!!

I have tried them all, and at first thought they were all easy (laugh) slimming world first 3 weeks marvellous found it so easy (clever clogs) then sinned big time and never stopped, then weight watchers the same and a long list of others.

the thing with cambridge is that food is taken from the picture, you just don'e eat, so I need to remember the first time i did sole source and how easy i found it once in ketosis. the smell of food used to satisfy me without actually eating it and i must remember not to fall from the wagon thinking i will just have one etc etc,,, doesn't work does it.

I know it is going to be soooo hard but this is my last option nothing else works for me and as i said previous or on other thread it is starting to affect my marriage (bedroom) hubby has commented and I am not annoyed with him as it is what i already know!!!!!!!!


I guess I knew that deep down, You have convinced me that Cambridge is the way to go! I've joined you on the other thread Vx

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