Want to continue to gain weight in muscle, but have a belly now....HELP?!


New Member
Hey Guys,

My current goal is to get to about 150 lbs. in muscle. I recently went from 130 lbs. to 141 lbs. I've noticed that as I've gained weight, I've gained a belly, which is probably to be expected, but I want my midsection flat and ripped. For workouts I've been doing 15 lb dumbell lift per arm and 30 lb kettlebell pull ups. For a flat, ripped midsection, what kind of workouts should I do for a six pack? And should I do more cardio? Will my cardio affect my weight gain progress?

I'm eating about 4 meals a day. 1. Whole grain pancake when I wake up in the morning. 2. Either chicken or fish ;sometimes steak with white rice or whole grain pasta 3. Pretty much the same as meal number two. I also get fruits and veggies in daily. 4. Sardine or tuna salad. 5. Oatmeal before bedtime. Does anything I'm eating cause belly fat? Please help. Thanks.
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