Massive cut but scale isn't moving.


New Member
Hello all,

Any help would be appreciated.

I competed in two npc physique shows last year. it was a ten month journey where i went from 177lbs to 194lbs, then dropped down to 178lbs (stage weight). It entailed a vigorous cardio/sauna regiment, with workouts, but honestly, I believe it burned more muscle than fat, in the matter of two months before the first show. Love handles were the hardest part of burn off.

Like many, I did a horrible job with off season and gained a lot of weight back. At 194lbs, I'm currently at 1900 calories (266P/110C/54F) with 30 minutes of cardio 6x a week, and workouts. A gallon + of water a day. Food is super clean. it's basically chicken and asparagus with egg whites in the morning and sweet potatoes and rice as carbs. Blood work and overall health is great, but i'm having most difficult time dropping weight. I'm barely breaking a pound a week, especially in the lower back and belly area.

Any ideas?
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