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Want to exercise but terrified!

Hey there,

Been on the WW pro-points plan for 5 weeks now - lost 9lbs so far (5th weigh in on Monday). I'm very overweight so need to boost my weight loss with exercise. But I'm terrified of failing. People at work keep saying, come to circuits, come swimming, etc and the most I have managed is walking round the block at night (in the dark) and an exercise video at home (with the curtains drawn!). I've realised that this is a huge fear of mine and I need to get over it. Luckily I have some fab friends who have offered help, but I keep chickening out!
Anyone else feel like this when they started losing weight?
My first week on weight watchers I recorded some fitness sessions of the tv, and did 30 minutes religiously each day - and only lost 2lbs my first week. So I kinda think that if i do this again I'm not going to lose weight that week. Stupid I know but here we all have our issues.
Would love to hear how other people overcame their fear and embraced exercise. For info as a child I was the captain of the netball team and did cross country running. Go figure.
Emms xx
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I think it mostly depends on what works for you. If you have managed up to now to walk in the dark, just set it as a goal of yours to walk in the dark EVERY night. Start with 5 minutes longer than what you have done previously, do it for a week every night. rest on the 7th day. Then, the following week you do it for 5 minutes longer. Again, rest on the 7th day. Add 5 minutes intervals every week and try to push yourself to walk at the maximum speed you can. Nobody will see you after all :). When you will feel confident enough, you can start adding some intervals of running, like do 10 minutes power walk and 2 minutes jog, 10 minutes power walk 2 minutes run, and increase of 1 minute run every week. At that point, you should be much fitter and you won't have any problems to go to circuit or other with your friends or to do your exercise in full daylight in the streets. Remember that even if you start with little, you will increase your intake very soon and you will become fitter and fitter. It's useless to do something that makes you feel uncomfortable because the more you do it the more mindtalk you get and the more you will feel uncomfortable! You wouldn't last 2 or 3 times... instead if you find soemthing that you like doing and that works for you, even if it means going out at 10 pm every night... well, you can get a dog and have an excuse for that ;)
Losing weight is possible without exercise but the health benefits of exercise are fantastic! You release endorphins, build lean muscle and get out of the house ;)

I've prolapsed disks and when I've been bad in the past I would fall and lose balance so the whole fear and embarrassment thing I understand- but!! - my oh would make me laugh by exclaiming loudly 'that'll teach you for drinking vodka in the morning!'

At the pain clinic I was told the only real relief would be to walk. And walk. And walk. Outside!
I realised that the embarrassment issue was mine! If you're big?(forgot if you said so?) then to be honest there's nothing better than seeing someone bigger actually trying to do something about it. I am nearly 3st lighter and was disgusted myself when I saw a girl who was the same size I used to be eating a lot of cheese covered nachos- I was disgusted because I identified with her and those feelings were due to feelings of disgust myself.

Others don't like it because as humans we don't like to see others 'self harm' as such.

Hope this all makes sense at 1 in the morning lol- hope you keep up the fantastic start xxx

I found this too. There's a challenge on this site about how quick it takes you to walk 100k steps and its a great motivator. I find myself walking a bit further each day to better the day before. Everyone who is on it is so supportive and on days when i have done little walking, the support continues and i never feel like i have failed.

Maybe start off with something like that and work up to doing much intensive exercise, You can buy a cheap pedometer for a fiver in asda or any supermarket :)
Thanks guys for all the positive comments and ideas. I think you're right I will have to make walking my 'thing' for a while until I become more confident! :D:D
I'll have to look for the 100k steps challenge!
Will keep you posted on my progress.
Emms x
I think you're doing really well to do your walks and the exercise on tv. I understand why you feel uncomfortable because I'm the same. I see these really skinny girls running and stuff and feel I'll look ridiculous in comparison. Its something we can work on though. Have you thought about doing c25k challenge? I'm thinking about it, I know someone who it worked well for! X

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Have you thought about doing c25k challenge? I'm thinking about it, I know someone who it worked well for! X
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Hey there,
can you explain a bit more about the c25k challenge?
Emms x
emmaholl said:
Hey there,
can you explain a bit more about the c25k challenge?
Emms x
Sure hon. Its called "couch to 5k" Its this programme that gets you running 5k in 9 weeks... For beginners! It starts you off walking and builds you up slowly & gradually.
Have a look here:
I know this woman who's even bigger than me and she did it! She said its amazing... I might try it when I get the motivation lol... ;)

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