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WARNING!!! Stinky thread... :D


Nearly there...

Hi everyone, wanted to know if I'm weird (and smelly) or if others have experienced the same thing...

Thing is, I'm on plan, in Ketosis, sometimes cold and sometimes boiling. So, my armpits absolutely stink?! I can bath, wack on the antiperspirant, walk 2 paces and I smell.

I bathed last night, am up this morning and smell :(

To me, Ketosis is meant to be cold, but I'm also spending a fortune on smellies too and washing so much my skin may come off....

Sorry if TMI but wondering if it's just me?! :eek:

Sauce xx
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Lesly Cambridge

Cambridge Consultant
Poor Sauce.... no, it's not just you. Excess ketones (those not needed for energy) are excreted through the breath, the urine and the skin - especially the damp places, so armpits, nether regions and feet can be pretty unpleasant for a while!

Rather than an antiperspirant, I suggest using an effective but gentle deodorant, and - as always - drinking a little more water to dilute the excretions.

But you've been doing this a long time now (congratulations!) - and your current BMI (below 25) means that you should be on a minimum of 810 Calories/day, and therefore less ketotic...... which should solve the problem nicely.


Nearly there...
Thanks Lesly, I was wondering about the plan thing a few days ago, as I was sure I'd read I wasn't allowed to continue... Will 810 still give me tidy losses - is it likely?? I blooming stink to high heaven lol :D
Thanks so much for replying, especially as you're a CDC - you clearly know your stuff!!
Also reassuring to know it's not just stinky Sauce :D xx

Lesly Cambridge

Cambridge Consultant
Hiya Stinky! ;) I've just noticed that you've got TOTM, which can definitely make all bodily smells more intense.....

Re 810 (Step 2, but I do think that using the Calorie level makes the steps easier to remember) - people who use SS/SS+ for initial weightloss (fabulously!), should be consuming no less than 810 Calories/day once they reach BMI 25, because the fat stores are so reduced.

I think 810 is such a fabulous plan, because it's a gentle re-introduction to the real food world - high in protein, low in carbs, which won't refill your glycogen stores in an instant - causing misleading and possibly de-railing readings on the scales because of the associated water retention. 810 should generally lead (in my experience) to a genuine weight-of-fat loss of c. 2 lbs a week - which is a fine, sensible loss at BMI 25, and which should lead you quietly into the other Steps, ensuring that you will be able to keep off the pounds you've lost, and achieve the nirvana of maintenance for ever.....:)

Well, that's my plan for all my clients.:D

Discuss it with your Consultant at your next meeting, eh?
Hey Saucey :wavey:

You are not alone babe! I've noticed that I'm not smelling too fresh either.

Glad that Lesley turned up to give some sound advice.

So, are you moving on to the 810 plan?


Nearly there...
Hahaha thanks chick ;) yeah I need to see my cdc, she's been discussing ss with me all along....!


Silver Member
I do smell from my armpits since I started the diet. It was very obvious at the beginning (my consultant said it had more to do with hypoglycemia than ketosis). It's getting better now. But still depending on my time of the month it might worsen from time to time;

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