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Was hungry last night


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Need to know if i have caused any damage....

Was on Green Day yesterday

was good all day - untill late on in the evening i was starving so i made myself some SW Chips, using 1 potatoe and paprika, mmmmmm they where lovely, if fact i then made myself another batch..

and boy i did enjoy them.....

Now this moring woke up, and i have a little devil sitting on my shoulder saying you shouldn;t have had all those SW Chips, you are not going to loose this week..... you naughty girl...

So did i do bad....
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Fighting the bulge
Hi Jack D!!!

No not at all!! It's okay to eat when your hungry as long as you only eat until you are full!

And on a green day your chips were completely free!!!

I felt the same on sunday, i had a horrific hangover and needed some 'naughty' food. I made potato skins (eating about 10 of them) they were free and 1 hex cheese but the vast amount that i had eaten really worrid me.

I went to weigh in last night and lost 3.5!! You'll be fine!!! xx
Don't feel guilty. If anything you should pat yourself on the back. Okay you were hungry, but you thought it through & went to the trouble of finding and making somethingthing free. Think back to what the old you would have grabbed! You dealt with the situation really well. xxx


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You shouldn't feel guilty if you were on a Green Day and treated yourself to potatoes as they are Free on a Green Day. Think it was good that you decided to do that then grab for some cake, biscuits or crisps!


Onwards and downwards!
I think you did really well Jack! Wish I had your willpower in that situation, I tend to end up rummaging in the cupboards for something choclatey or biscuity. SW chips are sooo yummy, and very moreish, and you can eat them as much as you want on Green! Definitely don't feel bad though, I'm sure you will have a great loss this week :)


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I don't think 2 potatoes is going to ruin your loss hon!

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