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Was in asda earlier....

HEHE we do this all the time in asda my husband holds up things and will say are we aloud this love? and i usually have to say no it is not free and we always get funny looks but my hubby does enjoy holding up things like clotted cream and he says is this sinfull are we not to have it. The looks we get oh well it is all fun....
lol, sounds like me and oh.
Yeah! I'm a bugger for looking at other people's trolleys and baskets. I'm like...ooh they're on SW or dieting.
And then there are things that make me chuckle, like the bloke who's been sent out to buy Closer and tampons!!!


Slow but sure....
LOL.....so true all of you, I also notice the overweight people who have cakes and chocolate in their trolleys too, its amazing what you can find out about a person by their shopping trolley..
Whenever I see someone with loads of "junk" food in their trolley, I now have a real urge to say to them "do you realise how many syns are in that!!" haha!


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i saw a lady in sainsburys the other day with a trolley full of frozen and chilled weight watchers ready meals i wanted to go over and convert her! Stop counting your points slimming world is so much better!!!


A moaning old boot!!!!
I really have to bite my tongue at work. Being a checkout supervisor I see peoples shopping all day and I always want to comment about what they are buying :( :(
My friend and I were both on diets and we decided to watch people in a cafe, to see if it really is true that thin girls are just people who can get away with eating cakes etc. To our horror, it was the fat girls who were scoffing chips and cakes and the thin ones were those eating salad and leaving food on their plates. Haha! We were MOST disappointed.
I overhear people talking about how many syns things will be as they are shopping....I chuckle to myself. You don't realise how many of us there are until you're walking round the supermarket! Oh and I too notice other peoples trolleys. I would like to have a pic of what my trolley used to look like....I bet I would be shocked! :D

k xx


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Haha i love this thread! I caught myself doing it today...but i wasn't in a supermarket! Oh no! I was in CADBURYS WORLD! My boyfriends there eating away on a cup full of warm melted chocolate, freshly poured from a tap and topped in toffee popcorn..and theres me working out how many syns he was eating!

Every chocolate bar i saw i was trying to remember the syns for or work out if i could have half as a treat or one piece etc haha. The people around me must have wondered what the hell i was on about! :D x
I was the same in Cadbury World a few months ago!! Going on about syn values - especially that really massive bar of dairy milk they have on the wall in the shop! I didn't buy any in the end, saved my syns for the vodka on the night out in Brum instead!

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