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Water flavourings giving me a rash???


Mistress of the Dark
Hi everyone,

I recently developed an itchy rash across my collarbones and back. I think it might be the water flavourings causing it because it's the only thing I have had consistently when this rash occurred and also I used more of it recently. Has anyone else experienced this at all? I read up on the net that aspartame can cause rashes and this is in the flavourings.

Thanks xxx
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yes, I cant have it it gave me a really bad bumpy and very itchy rash all over my hands arma and legs.xx
Ain't that strange. Only today Susan was telling me about her allergic reaction to the flavourings, now two people have noticed it. Good idea to start a thread so others can be aware of this.


Mistress of the Dark
Oh my God, I thought it was only me!!! I was getting really worried lol!!! I'm not having it anymore. It has started spreading to my back just today and my chin has started itching now so I'm hoping it won't spread to my face!!! How vain am I? lol xxx


Mistress of the Dark
Yeah I will. I can't believe it!!! Well if I can't have water flavourings then I am going to have a bar each week as a treat. I can't believe how horrible the water tastes without it now though lol. Oh well I will get used to it again! Easy come, easy go and all that! x
Mine took about 7-10 days(after stopping flavourings) to clear properly.xx
If you don't like plain water what about fruit teas? W8 did a really nice one. It tasted like ribena. Or just try and order some W8 water flavour online as that might not have the same things in it? Think they had a lemonadey one.


Mistress of the Dark
the rash feels better today and doesn't appear to have spread. unfortunately though i am not in ketosis anymore.

i'm so fed up right now it's unbelieveable. going to trade my new tub of summer berry flavouring for a tub of ketostix when i see my cdc as i only have one left.

Aw gem, that is pants.. i am allergic to MSG and similar additives so i get a little rash from the soups - it's managable but irritating : / Aspartame has a laxative effect on me too so I am just one ball of fun on this diet lol Or should that be ball of gas lmao

Hope you feel better soon, keep drinking the plain water it will 'flush' it through..

Sarah x


I lurve lurve lurve bars
Im not sure so please dont take my word for it,but,I think there was a perfectly clear bottled water cant remember which one,that you could have as it didnt have citric acid in,hopefully someone can tell you a bit more,hope the rash clears up,what about piriton tablets they might get rid of it?!Dont take my word on that either,dont want to give you the wrong advice,just thinking thats all.............allegedly and all that!!
some1 was on about the kiwi and or apple perfecty clear (i think) but I think that its a bit like the situation with the coke zero, some cdc say yes some say no but the official cd says no.xx i could be wrong but thats how i remember it.xx

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