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Water flavourings


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Yes I have them all the time. Orange is nice hot ot cold...I also love the Summer berry.....Will help you get the water down.


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I love both, your CDC may let you try some before you buy - mine did.


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I have them both too! I normally put abit less than 5ml spoon to 1.5 litres. i thought i wouldnt like the orange but i do its suprisingly nice.


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Ive just bought the berry one and it is nice. Havent tried the orange one yet ... but Im not a lover of orange squash and so thought if it tastes like that I will give it a miss and go for berry.
I have the Orange flavour and it's lovely, very easy to drink.
I usually put 2 litres of water in a bottle then add 2 tsp's of powder and shake.
Pop in the fridge, and enjoy! :D


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i usually make 2 2litre bottles up, 1 of each flavour using about 1/2-3/4 tsp in each bottle at least then i can alternate between the 2 and not get fed up with the 1 flavour :D


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
I used to always have tiny ickle zip-seal bags made up, containing a teaspoon of the water flavourings (Summer Berry, Sunshine Orange and the Savoury Veg) all marked up clearly, to hand out as "taste-trials" for any client who wanted to try before they buy. I agree, that to pay out £6.40 for a whole tub of something you're not sure if you'll like, can seem a bit much for some people. I've stopped that system now, as way too much of a faff, and looked like a cocaine dealer measuring and bagging up the goods! However, will still happily make up individual tester/s for anyone who asks for it! Not sure if your CDC will, but you could maybe ask? He/she may even start offering to others if you suggest it!
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Swear by them :p definetly helps drinking the water :wave_cry: Haven't tried the orange hot yet but it on my list!


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havent tried them yet but definitely going to get some from my cdc next week. I am sure that they must lift the monotony of the constant water!



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that reminds me ive got 2 pots in the cupboard !!!must get them out


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I got the berry one last night and put some in a glass of sparkling water today, really nice and made a nice change from plain water :)


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How much are we allowed to use? As some said that you should on use a teaspoon a day as it contains 12 kcals? so is there a certain amount to use?

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