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I do feel better when i have drunk plenty of water, but it doesn't make me feel full, just makes me need to pee more often, I think people's bodies are different. Upping your water/liquid intake to have the recommended 8 glasses a day would probably give you benefits regardless :)

Sorry that was not hugely helpful in itself lol

Cobweb x

I know when I guzzle my water the weight comes off - and although I don't tend to eat less I do feel fuller so tend to steer away from the bad stuff if you know what I mean. I also feel brighter and if I don't have the water feel sluggish so feel less inclined to do my exercise or move of the sofa etc.

Try it in all sorts of ways to find out what suits you best - not just plain water (bleck! ;)) - soda water with a squizz of squash is a good one or just a glass of water with lemon in does the trick.



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I never drank plain water, but diluted it with sugar free squashes or drank diet coke but after gaining 1/2 last week after 100% effort someone at work suggest I drink plain water.
I have done, the whole week... drinking 4 to 5 pint glasses (I brought my huge glass to work as was tired of running back and forth to the water machine)... and I lost 1 1/2 pounds this week... I will continue with the water.

Wacky Jacky

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I drink loads of water - I usually have a mug of hot water with a slice of lemon in, first thing every morning ... I drink a pint glass of ice-cold plain filtered tap water with my lunch and evening meal, I take a pint of it to bed with me too - I also changed to de-caff coffee and tea (coz the caffeine can apparently cause anxiety in some cases) - I drink 5-6 mugs a day, I drink caffeine-free diet cola throughout the day too .... and sometimes have another couple of pints of water "on the go" too - yes, I DO go to the loo quite often - lol - but I feel that it's doing me good! My skin, hair and nails seem to be benefiting too!

Best o'luck'n'stuff
Water water water! Great stuff. Drinking more will help you eat less...especially if you drink a glass about 10 mins before your meal. It's not really about feeling full though.
It hydrates your body, making your skin clearer, eyes brighter and helping your organs function better. What's not to love about that? It also helps your digestive system - your bowels will thank you.

It doesn't have to be plain water, although that is best. Add a squeeze of lemon and/or lime for extra detoxing tastiness. Or drink no-added-sugar cordial for more flavour. Green tea is fab - it's a recognised diet aid, for its appetite suppressing properties as well as antioxidants and helping you go to the loo!

So drink more :D
Hi Rach

Water is clinically proven to assist in your loss.... I for one know that dehydration cuased be to eat instead of drink fluid. You need also need to flush the body this stimulates good degestion and visits to the loo ( enough said there lol)

I fill a bottle 2lts everyday and drink it as a priority and over and above my tea and coffee etc.

Phil x
I've found when i drink more i lose more! I don't drink plain water i have NAS squash or diet fizzy drinks. It' can be difficult at work but i take bottles with me and have a litre of liquid. A couple of litres a day will be equivalant to about 10 "standard" glasses of water so should be plenty :)


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When we dont drink the recommended amount our bodies retain water and also when your dbody decides to reduce it's fat stores the fat has to come out ....... and water helps to flush plus as everyone said above it helps detox and benefit you as a general rule. so the more you drink the less water retension you will have making you lose inches as well as pounds.
Mixed feelings then .. Cheers guys ill go with the majority and start drinking more :) I have drank 4 glasses so far today thats allot for me lol and i aint felt like snaking so must be doing something hehe!!
Cheers again
Rachy x

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