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great things

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i drink a pint of water before my shakes. it makes my shakes nicer. you can make up your water intake by adding more to the shakes. i make mine up to a pint each time. also remember to count the extra in coffees you have etc.

why not try half a pint before your shakes. start doing a water diary.

also if you drink it cold your body burns more cals as it has to heat it up to body temp. not many more cals but every little helps. :)


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I am having the same problem Kimmie. I must drink hardly even a litre a day which is terrible!!!! When I first started CD I was glugging the water down so easily and now I just sort of forget.
Will keep an eye on this thread for some tips haha.


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there are a few ways i have always upped my water intake on cd.

1) add an extra 50-100mls of water to each shake/soup. this is barely noticable in the taste but adds up over the day to an extra 150-300mls.

2) every time i go to the toilet i have a half pint glass in the bathroom. when i wash my hands i make a point of drinking half pint of water before i leave.

3) making jelly with water flavouring, gelatine and a little food colouring adds a wonderful 500mls of water to my daily intake ( and is delicious as well)

hope this helps ladies. keep glugging :D


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I do the same as great things and make all my shakes (hot and cold) up to at least a pint .. usually about 600mls. Doesn't affect the taste at all especially if you use ice-cubes too in the cold shakes ( I find about 8-10 cubes ideal). That's nearly an extra litre there alone.

Also for some strange reason I find it easier to drink water from a bottle rather than a glass... goes down easier for some reason and I can down 200-300mls easily in one go. I also have a soda stream and make it fizzy sometimes as a change.

If you try breaking it up like that it should get easier. Try setting a target of 250mls an hour (a large glass).... that's over 2 litres over the course of the day.


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I struggle too mainly because I'm looking after my baby so don't get the time.
What an excuse!!!

I don't like my shakes more dilute so I just stick to sunshine orange to make the water go down easier.

Going to make a real attempt today to down more!

great things

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water is essential cause on ss especially, you are not eating and food does contain some water.

adding a little more to your shakes is really not noticable. you don't have to go as far as i do but an extra 50ml isn't much more.

i've got to the stage where i don't measure out my water for my shakes i can just tell by looking and if i make it up and it doesn't make it a pint i add more to my shake. it also helps that my jugs are all marked where my beaters go round and it helps tell me how much water to put it.

2 litres isn't too bad over the day. a black coffee is around half pint in a mug. extra in your shakes, half pint before each shake and you'll more than take in 2ltrs.


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I make all my shakes into pints btw


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Just had one n half pints already :) I have a huge straw that helps me get it down lol


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I have a one liter refillable bottle with me at all times. It maks it a lot easier to keep up with the steady flow in (and out).