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I've just been to see my doctor and we spoke about that actually! Too much water is just as bad for you as too little. You can over hydrate yourself apparently. I drank probably 3-4 litres a day on this diet...and my losses were good each week!

The loo thing is normal though...you'll get used to it! Not much of a help that though is it...just don't drink loads if you know your going to be nowhere near a toilet, lol. I find now that i just have to go just like i used to! Your body will adjust when you've been doing it long enough :) xx


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ive been drinking around 4-5 litres a day.. water is the key to LT..it also helps with a variety of of things including keeping our bowels in working order.. going to the toilet non stop will soon become part of your routine just like mixing up shakes... it does annoy me waking up in the nite tho... xx


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Yeah it definately does! Keep drinking it hun! After all it is supposed to be the key to this diet! As long as you have a toilet nearby you'll be fine, lol xx
I do 5 to 8 litres a day and the toilet trips are just one of those things plus its an excuse to see my willy as I havent seen him for many years and we are getting on great.
you put it so, ermmm so lady like lol xx


Says it as it is!!!
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You mean you actually have a knob garry? i thought it was more of a hose pipe or have i been mislead lol
As garry i drink around 5 - 7 litres as often as i can some days i do it some others i just manage 5 xx

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