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  1. Its my second day today and feeling okish. Last night was a bit difficult, had to watch the kids eat at Ikea, then we put a movie on at home and wanted my glass of wine and nibbles, but I was expecting it and got through it so 1 day down!

    My query tho is over water, I was drinking my water at Ikea and my daughter said shouldnt you be drinking that with a straw or out a sports bottle, I said I didnt think so, but she said that the two people at her work that were doing it said that the bag says thats best.

    Doh to me for not reading all the bag, I was just going on what my pharmacist said, but does that mean all the water I drank yesterday wont have done any good?
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  3. Porgeous

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    I can't see how drinking through a straw makes any difference whatsoever, the key is to sip steadily through the day rather than gulping down in short bursts.

    Well done for getting through day 1 xx
  4. oisin

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    Well done for getting through your first day!!

    I dont think it matters how you drink your water as long as you drink the required amount, I drink from a glass at home and from a bottle when im out im on the cambridge diet.

    Oisin x
  5. Minikat

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    I just drink loads of water and have not read the bag about it yet...so will do that today!
    Trish x
  6. Cathy

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    No such thing Hun, just as long as you're getting it down! Well done on your first day and welcome to Minimins :welcome: xx
  7. Mellum

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    It says to drink with a straw on the bag?

    I dont think it matters how you drink it, if your drinking the right amount then there is no need to worry!

    How many pints/liters are you getting through?
  8. Thanks everyone, that reassures me, was really worried I had messed up on Day 1!!

    Mellum - didnt really keep track (guess I need to do that as well) but was drinking continously throughout the day, in fact so much I forgot to have my coffee and then wondered why I got a headache!!
  9. davidmanc

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    Hi Woman with a mission!

    I feel your pain! I'm on day four. It's really hard isn't it?!

    I never thought that I would feel hunger to the point that it was a *painful* like I have! I'm on the women's Lipotrim, which was a mistake at the chemist, so I think that's made it more difficult - but still - it's horrible!

    Everyone keeps telling me that it gets easier. I hope they're right!

    I also don't think it makes any difference if you drink through a straw or from a water bottle.

    Hell, I don't think it matters if you drink your water straight from the tap or have it fed to you by family friends!

    I do think it is worth keeping track of how much you are drinking every day though. I know the basic minimum is two litres a day - but most people drink more to reduce the side effects and Hope Hospital in Salford recommend drinking at least four litres a day in order to speed weight loss and ensure that what you are loosing is fat and not water!

    You shouldn't drink more than about 8 litres a day though - and yeah - you should spread it out throughout the day if you can.

    Good luck! Feel free to come here and moan if it gets tough - I have!
  10. cuddlyfairy

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    Well done on surviving day 1. This week is the toughest but if you can get to your WI you will be more than happy with the results.

    Drink steadily throughout the day as drinking too much at once is not good as it overworks the kidneys. How you drink it is up to you. I tend to drink out of bottles coz that way I can keep a rough idea of how much I have.

    Good luck.

  11. Gene Genie

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    I just read the bag it says you might find it easier to drink through a straw but doesnt say you have to .. I swig from a pint pot ( a lovely stella one i swiped from the pub) its easier for me to keep track of how much i have drank that way ..
  12. nicki26

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  13. misscheeky

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    i keep 2 2litres in the fridge...then drink them from a 500ml bottle, find that easier then i know exactly how much ive drank :)
  14. nictastic

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    I think the straw or sports bottle just makes it eaiser to get it down as most people arent used to drinking water ( i was one of them) well done on day one!!! roll on your weigh in xx
  15. pizzle84

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    I only use straws for drinking my shakes, i dont think i could drink them as easily if i had to gulp straight from the glass. I drink my water thought normally without a straw
  16. trixiefoofoo

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    Think it's just to encourage sips, rather than a requirement etc
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