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Waterloo Road


Taking Back Control...!!!
I love this programme but missed the very last episode... however I can tell you that:

1. The blonde teacher who used to be married to Tom had a lifelong illness... Tom and Izzy had fallen out (can't remember what about) but she tricked them into going to a cottage in the middle of nowhere where they were reunited - they spent a lovely evening together eating, drinking and dancing - got very drunk then she basically went to her room and took loads of tablets... something she said whilst they were all together clicked in Izzy's head and she went rushing into the room - she was unconsious and when they tried to call the police they found she'd cut the phone line and thrown their mobiles ino the ice bucket - hence she died and they were reunited....

2. Apparently the last episode someone was supposed to stab the head (who is very yummy btw...lol!) but Izzy was stabbed and died - don't know why, don't know any more what happend...

3. Posh deputy as far as I can remember went to work in Africa where he had worked before - not sure if the Angela Griffin character went with him - but as she's just had a baby in real life she's obv been written out....

Not enjoying this series as much as others but still tune in to watch Jason Merrells who is gorg.... !!!

hope this helps Janey...!!


Intuitive Eater
Oh Mich, you are a star!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Me and hubby just watched the first episode of Series 3 tonight (we didn't have Sky+ last time and our dvd player broke!) and we were totally confused. I just read your post out to him and now we understand. Thanks so much Mich, I really appreciate that!!!! :D:D:D


Taking Back Control...!!!
YOur v welcome - it's so frustrating when you've watched something and then missed an episode or two and things move along at such a fast pace you haven't a clue what's happening....!!! I have stopped watching so much stuff cos I've missed the odd episode or three and haven't a clue!!!
I have never watched any of the past series. But watched the 1st episode of the new series and thoroughly enjoyed it. Will be watching the rest then trying to catch up with the past

Irene xx
So enjoying the present series that I wanted to watch more. Bought the first series and watched it last week and loved it found it very emotional. Now waiting for series 2 to come out on dvd in March.

Irene xx

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