weak legs question.

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by sophia-jo, 29 July 2007 Social URL.

  1. sophia-jo

    sophia-jo Silver Member

    Hiya, my legs have been really weak over the last few days,,, even when I get to the top of the stairs in the house I feel like I've been on a treadmill, not out of breath but really weak legs... is this normal??
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  3. carebear1

    carebear1 Full Member

    I have been feeling similar but my feeling is nearly going to faint feeling so i'll interested to know too.
  4. missymoo

    missymoo Fed up of being fat

    Same here, my legs have felt as though Ive ran miles some days and my arms, Ive just assumed its the low calorie intake?
  5. sophia-jo

    sophia-jo Silver Member

    ooooh carebear, isn't it awful..i get light headed too, thankfully not all of the time, i have a headache now too :mad:

    I guess it;s the lack of carbs and cals and that's why we feel rubbish at times. I hope things improve for both of us hun x
  6. Mrs Pink

    Mrs Pink Banned

    I felt like that at first but it passed after a few weeks - I put it down to having less fat to heft around! Sure it will get better ....
  7. sophia-jo

    sophia-jo Silver Member

    aaww you too missymoo?? :( must be normal if the 3 of us are like this. I guess we will have more replies from other cders feeling the same.
  8. Splash

    Splash Gold Member

    Not had this in my legs but do come over feeling weak and faint at times. Seems to be getting a little better each day though so I hope it'll go soon.
  9. Mrs Pink

    Mrs Pink Banned

  10. fingers crossed

    fingers crossed Silver Member

    I've had that too Sophia Jo! Thought I was just really unfit! My room at work is being decorated so I was relocated up 4 flights of stairs & it was tough going but probably very good for me! As I got to the top I felt like I'd done an hour on the tread mill. Walked with the dog for 3 hours saturday though & am fine so maybe its just a thing that gets you early on. I suppose our bodies are busy using the few calories elsewhere, thats why we get cold too.
  11. Mrs Roch

    Mrs Roch Silver Member

    I think this must be natural - last week, I got to the top of the stairs at work and said to a lady coming down that I felt as if I'd just done an hr's step class - other day's I run up them.

    I think women's bodies are so complex (hormones etc) and when you think of what your body is doing internally everyday - I think this diet is bound to cause some side effects...

    I have so much energy on this diet because of my PCOS - when I'm eating normally, I'm tired, no energy, bed by 9pm etc... carbs and caffine effect me quite diffently so most..

    Hope you get a CDC who replies..
  12. Mrs Roch

    Mrs Roch Silver Member

    Hey SJ

    Have you had the cramp yet? That can be really bad - I get it in my calves - I think it's due to the lack of salt in the diet - maybe CDC can confirm that too?

    Night sweet... big day tomorrow.
  13. Ruthlet

    Ruthlet Wants to be a loser!

    I have had the odd day where I have felt really tired, and lethargic with a kind of heavy feeling in my arms and legs.

    I have have found that an extra pack usually sorts me out nicely.

    For me I think there are some days when I am busy and my body needs a little bit more than my usual 3 CD packs a day.

    Interesting that you should mention cramp in your calves Hannah - I was suffering with this frequently up until about a month ago and now I am fine - ?? weird ?? It would be really interesting to know if anyone else has had this too?
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