1. It's Day 7 and wishing I could have done things a bit better. I started last Monday on SS and was really proud of myself for getting to day 4 and sticking with it. ( It's the 1st time I've managed to SS) then after getting upset I went and ate one evening. I got straight back on CD the next morning but switched to 790 which I know so well and find a bit easier than SS.

    So after coming out of ketosis I am now on day 3 of 790. I weigh myself constantly ( I know I shouldn't) and I've lost 5lbs over the week when it should have been double that. So....I'm fed up with myself. I seem to press the self destruct button every time things are going well.

    Having said all that I've made a commitment to myself to stick with this for the long term. I realise that this is going to take the best part of a year and there are going to be good times and bad so I won't be giving up any time soon.

    Sorry for the moan.

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    Hi T :)

    Moan anytime you want hun, that's what the site is for. It's good to know you can just speak openly about how you are feeling.

    It sounds like you are being very sensible about your approach and that 790 suits you better than SSing. SSing is ruddy hard as lots of us know too well!! (me included).

    I must say that weighing yourself constantly can be really self-defeating and I sense that you know that? ;)

    Try and focus on what you HAVE achieved already hun and put the scales away for a few days. I know it takes a lot of discipline to do that and I think most of us have struggled with that at sometime or another.

    You're doing great....honestly....keep it going!!!:D

    Lacey..xx :)
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    Hey Hunny

    Have emailed you, Hope you are doing ok!! Can't get onto Messenger for some reason, but hopefully will be sorted soon.


    Angela xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  5. Ajax

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    LMAO So know what you mean with the scales T, My hubby threatens to put mine in the loft as its the only place I can't get too in the house, plus there are mice up there ewwww lol
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    Remember than on sole source 5Lb could be lost just on glycogen alone, in my experience, this glycogen goes back on VERY quickly, even after a day! So, even on SS you may lose 10Lbs the first week, but half of that is glycogen...therefore you have probably lost the same amount of fat anyway!...and 5lb in one week is a GREAT loss anyway, so stop beating yourself up and WELL DONE!!!!!! :D
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    Hiya love, well, what can I say, we all do it! But what I will say is this - I've been following a healthy eating approach after putting all the weight I lost on CD back on again (well, almost)!

    Now, firstly, on my healthy exercise plan, I managed to lose 5lbs and be chuffed to bits. However, it took me 3 weeks, and I had to exercise every single day! :whacky068: So hun, don't think about what you could have done - if we all did that we'd drive ourselves mad about why we're here in the first place!! What's done is done, move forward with your head held high, and most of all be proud that in one week you lost 5 whole pounds - that's over a third of a stone!

    As for the scales - can't offer any advice there as I'm the same!! Have hidden them under the kitchen cupboards so I have to lie on the floor and pull them out to use them! ;)

    L xx
  8. Thanks Mintimperial and Loopy Lou,
    I'm feeling ok really. I had lost 5lbs before my official weigh on Wednesday in so I might have to come to terms that I might get hardly any loss at the official weigh in this Wednesday. I AM in this for the long haul though so I will try and look at my losses over a month rather than day by day.....I doubt I'll be able to resist weighing each day though :rolleyes:
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