Week 1, super hungry!!


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Hi everyone,

Im on day 5 of my first week of sw.

Previously i was filling up at the fridge/cupboard regularly throughout the day on biscuits and chocolate, sometimes having only lunch, sometimes dinner but not regular 3 meals a day. And the majority of the meals i did have were take away, fast food or cafe if out. Then binging on rubbish at night. Of the meals i cooked, 80% of the plate would be fried. Needless to say, sw has been a complete lifestyle change!

I've been really good, not going over my syns, eating regularly etc But i'm ALWAYS hungry! I've never eaten so much food but i cant seem to ever get to the point where i am full! If i eat more how can i lose weight?!

I think one of my problems is that i'm a very fussy eater. I've tried to branch out but ended up not liking things lol. I don't really like pasta, sauce based dishes like chilli, bolognese etc. I don't like fish at all (except a tuna sub from subway lol) I'm not keen on a salad unless its with kebab (Might try to make my own but not quite a chicken doner lol). Probably more as well. Not keen on anything really spicy and hate rice. Also don't really like soup but i haven't tried many so going to get some tins to see if i like any.

I'm not a desert person really either. I like ice cream, waffles and cheesecake but anything else i don't like.

I do like eggs but i only really eat fried eggs/boiled dippy eggs as i don't like the egg white, so that rules out scrambled egg and omelettes. I'm dealing with wholemeal bread but not a huge fan. And I've sought out all the Muller Lights without bits.

I do like chicken, ham, beef, bacon, cheese, vegetables (not spouts or cauliflower), fruit, potatoes, stew, dumplings.

The meals i typically eat are things like stuffed chicken, veg and chips or jacket potato, or replace chicken with another meat. Love a roast dinner too and a 'fry' up. So i'm struggling with meal ideas as a lot are pasta based and pasta is quite filling but i don't enjoy it at all! Though i have bought some pasta n sauce for emergencies.

I'm trying to like more, i did a spaghetti and meatballs dinner but hated it.

Anyway, i've gone on a bit! What can i do to fill myself up? I don't want chips every night. The homemade ones i did weren't even nice! I know i can fill up on fruit but i never fancy it!

Am i just going to be hungry all the time? I feel like i.m eating loads! Or am i just on a come down from sugar?
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Are you drinking enough? Apparently our brain can confuse thirst and hunger signals, so make sure you're topped up on fluids first. If you're still hungry, eat away. Make good choices keeping it free or speedy where you can, and don't forget your syns are there to be used.

Nanny Doreen

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I don't really have an answer for you I am afraid. I can only say that if I feel a bit hungry I will have a cup of coffee. This does help me sometimes.

Other than that I have in the past boiled some potatoes, mashed them and had with an egg and lots of tomatoes. Strange but it worked.

Hope you get some answers that help.