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I think we all have high expectations - I start tomorrow and I am hoping for at least ten pounds the first week. So you will probably be consoling me next week when I have my first weigh in lol! Well done on your huge 7 pound loss - I think its brill and you should be thrilled. Can I ask if you feel a difference in your clothes already??
I do feel a huge difference in my clothes and thats why I was so suprised that I only lose 7lbs lol :D
Good luck for tomorrow and thanks for cheering me up :thankyou:


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Well done Neeni, 7lb is a brilliant loss!
I had my first weigh in this morning & I was only down 7lbs too & I was 100% all week. I was expecting a little more, altho its my time of month (started today) so I'm hoping that has something to do with it.

Still tho - half a stone!
Exactly, it is half a stone!!! I have a habit of over-analysing everything but half a stone in a week is amazing, just keep it up and dont get complacent as I often do - keep focused!!!
Well done bitsy..:happy096: Hey at least it shows that we are doing something right and the results are beginning to speak for themselves..:D
& well done you too neeni! I'm delighted I got through the weekend too - lots of nights out & food tempations - we can do it!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm looking forward to seeing how we get on next week :)
Well done! That's great...you are heading in the right direction.

To answer the whole 'time of the month' thing....I found when I did Lipotrim a few years ago that when I was due on or on mine, it definitely affected my loss i.e. a lot less weight lost around this time. What with you retaining fluid around then you'll often see a difference the week after you have had your TOTM. But half a stone is still fab! :D Keep it going! :)
7lbs in a week - that's brilliant. Hope I manage that. Just finished day two, have stayed 100% and feeling no pain! Hope it continues.
Wow my pharmacist rang me a couple of hours ago to say I'd lost 9lbs, not 7lbs! How dozy am I? I'd added my weights up incorrectly (when I got weighed this morning the pharmacist wasn't there so someone else scribbled down my weight & said the pharmacist would contact me later in the day) so I was originally 2lbs heavier than I thought - so I'm no better off but still!

Great to know re TOM too - I was unsure if I'd still retain weight on LT. Hopefully it'll get easier in the next couple of days when TOM calms down - I'm finding energy levels/hunger a bit tough with the monthly.

Here's to next Tuesday's weigh in! We can do it!!!
Thanks Neeni, I'm delighted. How silly was I tho - I was actually 2lbs heavier when I began this whole thing. Can't wait to see how we go next week - we'll be slim lovelies before we know it :-D

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