WEEK 1 weigh in


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Went to see my CDC this morning for my first weigh in and to get another weeks packs
I am pleased (no gobsmacked) to annouce I have lost the total of

:eek: :eek: :eek:


:eek: :eek: :eek:

I love this diet
wow that is amazing !!!
well done you !
This should motivate you for the next week now :)
Can you see a difference in yourself?
yes I can see a difference in my Belly (it doesnt stick out so much lol)
My cdc said I could have been carrying a lot of water,
the fat will be burnt at the same rate this week but as Ive got rid of the water weight I wont lose as much next week, which is common sence really, couldnt see me losing a stone a week id fall down the drain in 3 months lol
I rang hubby to tell him and he put on his best Peter kay voice and said
14 stone in a day youll be tripping over yer drip soon

well done you-what a brill insentive to keep your will power strong
WOW!! you are certainly living up to your name! Well done! now go get a ticker sorted.. so we can all keep up with your losses! :)
Well done Whirlwind

Thats a fantastic loss