Fantastic Shona!!
You must be over the moon.:D 12lb in week 1:eek: !! WOW!! Speechless!! I have my pop in weigh in tomorrow and I am really looking forward to it!! Last night was a bit hard but I just went to bed. Poor hubby he spent most of the evening on his wn but that did not stop him telling me "well done" when he came to bed!! Here goes day 3 for me!!
Hiya Stardreamer

How are you feeling? you are doing really well,My poor partner is stuck eating with the terrible tot and cooking too.. remember to let us know how your weigh in goes.

Well done Shona, you must be so pleased!!!:D :D :D
Fab news nibbea, glad your feeling and doing so well. 12lbs can make quite a difference and I also think giving our bodies a break from carbs really makes us feel so much better too. It's a lovely feeling when your body thanks you for the good your doing it! That's how it seems to me.

Dizzy x
That is brilliant Shona! A truly fantastic start.

Stardreamer, you are well on your way now, good luck with your pop in tomorrow.