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Week 1 WI

Hi all you lovely people,

I had my first weigh in today and I lost 14lbs.

I want to thank all who post on this forum as it has been a Godsend to me. You gave me the strength to go for it with your inspirational weight losses, your tips and your vast knowledge. I went into this with my eyes wide open knowing full well what was ahead of me because of you.

I’m grateful as *WARNING- DON’T READ ON IF EASILY OFFENDED* I’ve found it relatively easy. Sorry. That may be something to do with me being as stubborn as a mule and having an ironclad willpower. In saying that this is only the first week, I’m fully prepared for the cravings and moments of weakness as you have given me lots of tips.

I rarely get a minute to myself as I’m always on the go but I’ve just today rearranged things so I have more time for me and only me. So I’m hoping to post more and try my best to help and support people, try to give a little back.
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14lbs is amazing!!!! Well done!!! :D :D :D

Have fun with your "me time"

Good luck for next week

LiSe Xxx
Thank you Lise!

My 'me' time will most probably be spent on the computer! Not very productive but it's what chills me out. Either that or catching up on the 75% of Sky+ recordings I have to catch up on, and I can always sit on the computer and watch telly at the same time. Bliss.

Thank you for the luck for next week. I know this week was mostly water so I'll be interested to see how many pounds of fat can begone next week. Anything is a plus as I wasn't looking foward to the weigh in but it wasn't too bad and I'm actually looking forward to next week. My chemist is lovely and she told me that 14lb was the most that any female had lost in a week in that chemist. I wanted a little badge but she didn't have one!
Thats fantastic, a stone in your first week, well done you, its my first day, i am not sure what to expect my loss to be, but if i got a stone, id wet myself hahah, roll on next week,
Thank you Hannah!

I wasn't expecting as much as 14lb, were you shocked at your first week's results? You results have been fantastic. If I get 4lbs next week I'll be happy.

I've maybe jinxed myself by saying that I'm finding it easy and I'll hit a brick wall next week with my resolve melting, me cracking up and eating everything in sight!
Hi Betsy,
Wow that is a fantastic weight loss you must be really proud of yourself. I`m glad your finding this easy as it can get a little hard at times,, so you should sail through it xx
well done and good luck for your 2nd week xx


Otherwise known as Jools
Big GZ on your first weeks loss. Its brill and very hard to not expect something similar the following week - see my posts but as said so many times on here a loss is a loss. The hardest bit is keeping expectations to a more normal level after the inital exitement of the first loss.

Good luck and keep going :D
ive already said on another thread but wow. well done! :D
Thank you HRH! I am hoping to keep it up. Even if I lose 3-5lb a week I'll be happy. I need to unleash the skinny me for my sanity.
Thank you Raquel! Your first week will fly by and by next week you'll feel great. I stuck to the plan 100% and drunk loads of water sometimes up to 5.5lts a day, is that too much as I know it can be dangerous to drink too much? I am normally a big water drinker, always have been, drinking up to 4 lts, so I find I have to drink an extra litre to avoid constipation and wash my mouth out as it can taste yuk.

I'll be looking forward to your first WI post and I'm sure you do grand.
Thank you A Better Me! It's a strange feeling as it's kind of been a long time since I felt any sort of pride in myself so yeah in a way I am. I'm a realist and know I have a long way to go and goodness knows what life is going to throw at me, so I'm taking it one day at a time and hoping for the best.

The support in here is fantastic and helps greatly, one of the reasons I'm finding it pretty easy :)
OMG!!! 14lbs is amazing!!! Well done you! Enjoy your sucess! Feel good about it!
Thank you dontwanttobesocurvygirl! I read your 2nd week WI post and you've done amazing well, fantastic, you must be pleased as punch.

I'm a pessimist by nature so when she told me I had lost 14lb I had to get her to repeat it! I'd be over the moon if I lost 4-5lbs next week. All we can do is stick to the plan 100%, drink plenty and come on here if we ever need a little boost. If we do that then we've done all we can and any loss is a bonus.
Thank you Kels!

I was shocked and couldn't believe my challenge was over! I know it is mostly water so I hope I haven't jinxed myself by adding another 7lb onto my challenge! *Fingers crossed*
Thank you Sara! Feeling good about myself is a novelty, love it haha. I'm shocked because the only place I notice it is my face (the crater dimples are coming back) Oh and I've had to hook my bra up tighter, so knew I'd lost a bit but didn't expect as much.

Excuse my ignorance but how do I 'Thank' people?
A stone in one!! WOOP WOOP WOOP WOOP WOOP!!!
Thats amazing,really well done and good luck for next week :)

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