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Week 12 weigh in and my first 810 meal (mention of my meal)


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I had a few dessert spoons of 0% yoghurt, a tablespoon of chopped cucumber and mint and parsley, half a spring onion and 2 sticks of celery to dip in it (I think that's probably a bit over the actual veg allowance!) I followed that with a 2 egg omelette. I am now absolutely happily stuffed and can't think how I'm going to get my next two foodpacks down me! (I saved them til after I'd eaten in case I got the munchies after eating - turns out that the opposite applies!) but yes - I shall eat them - I am a good girl, I am!

So - yeah...interesting. Tasty...and interesting!

Weigh in was 2lbs - had a massive loss last week and it's TOTM and I've been exercising hard - I'm the same muscle percentage at this weight as I was 7lbs lighter and I'm the same shape so I'm well happy!

I've lost a total of 3st 9lbs (51lbs in just under 12 weeks)

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Fab-a-roony! The meal sounds great - why did I never think of using yogurt as a dip when I was 810-ing? :confused:

Well done on your brilliant losses so far! :banana dancer: :banana dancer: :banana dancer:


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I suddenly thought of it over the weekend cos I had a craving for mint and cucumber - I also couldn't think of any 810 friendly item that would make yoghurt edible (I don't really like dairy) and then I thought 'yeah - but there's nothing to dip in it...pftthhhh - what was I thinking?'...so I read your handy list and went 'yay! celery!' (it is amazing how nerdishly pleased you become over the most trivial of salad items)


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And that has to be a first in the history of dieting - someone exclaiming, "Yay - celery!" :D :D :D

Good grief, did you ever think you'd hear yourself saying that? The things Cambridge does to us... :8855:
I am ashamed to admit I found myself carefully measuring out 30 grams of celery tonight:D:D

I had it beautifully chopped with some fresh prawns and loved it.

What Cambridge does to us indeed:D

Cerulean - well done and I love reading your posts from another luvvie who only got to play the monsters....I think my favorite was Annie in Misery! ahhh sitting on a bed stuffing cheetos down my face in the name of art!


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So I've had a sleep on my meal. I still feel properly in ketosis...I did my morning weigh and I was the same as yesterday - given that I ate about 250g of food in total and it hasn't been 'processed' that seems about right.I'm not sure I would have quite taken myself to 810 calories with what I had - so I'll have a think about drinking all my milk today (I had less than 100g yoghurt which means I should have topped up with milk)
I also think not adding salt is quite a big deal as I'm sure that would have effected my desire to eat more.

I might have prawns for lunch today...although I love the idea of a sort of chickpea and spinach and yoghurt bake.

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