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Week 12 Weigh In

Just had my week 12 weigh in. I didn't go last week cause I got out of ketosis on the Sunday night before(I had nothing sweet but did have a stew with carrots & parsnips and 2 Guinness, which I did enjoy), but by Tuesday my weight was exactly the same as last week so didn't bother going. I had enough shakes to last me for the week anyway, so put it behind me, got back into ketosis after day 3 was good but had the odd piece of protein at night, but absolutely no carbs! I find it extremely difficult in this weather to stay 100%. We are programmed to crave hearty, warming foods in winter, so the best I can do is have a small piece of protein and it seems to have worked. I lost 6LBS this week. Amazing! Am just 2lbs short of being half way there and and about half a stone short of the 4 stone loss. My aim for December is to loose that half stone to make it a 4 stone loss since September! I'm so happy. I really love this diet, even though it's hard I suppose every one has to modify it to suit their particular metabolism & so they can stay on it through the tough times (snow & ice & freezing weather!)and as long as you keep loosing that's the main thing. Hope everyone else is doing well and continuing to see results.
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Fabulous loss Ssusee!! Almost half a stone.. You are flying now!! Are you staying on TFR for Xmas?

Well done again hun x x x
Hi Su
I intend to have 2 shakes for breakfast & lunch & some protein for tea over month of December. On Xmas day I'll have lo carb options: seafood starter, turkey, ham, sprouts main course, lo sugar jelly or berries & cream & cheese board with celery - no crackers! & a glass of red, which is lo carb - my beloved german wheat beer is gone forever I'm afraid. It's the reason I got so big in the first place!
Good luck with your refeed & don't worry I think tfr has changed our bad habits forever. Don't think any of us will jeopardise our success over Xmas!
:happy096: Fantastic loss Suse.
I also plan to do the same as you Christmas day protein, veg and no carbs.

Can you help me? If I do the same Christmas eve will it knock me out of Ketosis so I can have a drink Christmas day :confused:
Hi Bev
If you keep to lo carb, you won't get out of ketosis. You should be ok for 1 drink xmas day 1 or 2 glasses of wine while in ketosis. I wouldn't have any more than that if in ketosis. But it's not a big deal to get out of ketosis and have a few drinks on xmas day, as long as you resolve to get back into it starting the day after. You can get out of ketosis easily enough by having potato or carrots or parsnips, but I wouldn't deliberately eat chocolate or anything like that. I knocked myself out of it 2 weeks ago as said and it wasn't hard at all to get back in after the 3 days.
Thanks for that Suse.
I'm sure I'll be able to manage a jacket potato on Christmas Eve and hope that will knock me out of ketosis.
I'm not a big drinker but I do want to be able to have one if I want, there's nothing worse than everyone having a good time and you can't drink, that only makes it worse x


Fighting for My Health
Yay! Fab loss. Well done! :D xx

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