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Week 2 Weigh In - Really Disappointed!!

Well I had my 2nd week weigh in today and have only lost 3.5lbs :cry: I know I should be pleased as any loss is a great loss right, but I can't help but feel really disappointed. I lost 13lbs in my first week and had hoped for at least another 5-7lb loss. I have been so so good, not cheated at all, not even a little sniff of a cheat and I have even exercised! What am I doing wrong or are my expectations too high! Do I need to up the exercise? I feel like cheating now! Silly thought but would mouthwash have an effect? This next week is gonna be tough now! :sigh:
L xxx
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You lost 13lb the first week which is brilliant weight loss and 3.5lb today, so you have already lost more than the average of a stone a month!

Everyone has their own unique pattern of weight loss and you will get to know yours over the next few weeks.

Try not let this upset you for if you fall off the wagon on this type of diet it is not easy to get back on.

Get yourself a weight ticker and set yourself some mini goals that are achievable and reward yourself with a non food item each time you tick one off.


Take pride in your achievement as not many lose that much weight in two weeks!

Well done:happy096:


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Ah hun, please dont be disappointed. 3.5 lbs is still a good loss. Are you going to the toilet? You might be a bit constipated? Is it TOTM? Did you drink alot of water before being weighed? It also happens that way and you could have a huge loss next week!
Chin up sweetie. Keep going at it honey! Think of it this way you have lost 16.5lbs in 2 weeks.... now that is amazing!!!!!

Niamh xxx


Back on the diet train...
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hey hun dont be sad!!!! u av lost nearly the same as me in 2 weeks yet we lost it in different amounts!!!

i was dissapointed wiv my 3rd weigh in an that was 3lb (which wen i look back i feel like an idiot 4 gettin upset as thats a fab loss) yet my 4th i lost 6lb!!! it was totm 4 me so cud that be the same 4 u?

the thing is hun u av 2 ask urself wud any other diet giv u a 16lb loss in 2 weeks???? dont cheat hun as it will only make u feel worse/guilty an like mini sed make it harder 2 get back on track.

chin up hun. av a pamper session bubble bath, nail polish an a cheesy dvd an u will feel better an just rememer its better 3lb off than on.

i hope u feel better about this soon hun an realise that whilst this diet is brill the weight aint gona disappear at the drop of a hat. ;)

let us no how u get on!!!

I'm in a similar boat, I lost approx 10lbs in my first week, just weighed myself now and was gutted to find I'd only lost 7lbs; I was led to believe this diet would get easier not harder


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Hi Pickle,

thats a great loss! I know what u mean though because its such a challenge and a sacrifice to give up food altogether but you know what no other diet will give you the consistent losses. Sometimes if you have had your hake before weigh in it can effect your loss...same if you haven't 'been' to the toilet. Next week I'm sure you will have another great loss.
Free Gaza (like the name) 10lbs and then 7lbs is excellent, dn't be disappointed, it is really really great, well done to u!


Here we go again!
Totally agree with what everyone else has said really. You've lost so much over 2 weeks, you should be really proud of that. There's no other diet where you would have lost that much, no way!

Keep going, stay strong and positive!

It didn't take us overnight to get to this weight so it will take more than overnight to get it off!


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Hey hun - every lb off is a lb off!! If you weren't doing the diet it wouldn't have come off at all. If you are ever low about how much you've lost Google "1lb of fat" and look at the pictures. Then realise that you've lost 3 and a half time more than that!

Well done and keep up the good work! xxx


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hey thats a great weight loss...

as they said *points up* all losses are lbs of fat off our bodies...

and everyone looses at different rates.. but the main thing is....its a loss.....:p

you go girl........
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That is a really good loss. The important thing to remember is that what you lost last week was mostly water. This week it was 3.5lb's of pure body fat. You did really well :)


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Aww Sweet that really is a good loss. Just check out other peoples losses the weight can be quite variable. Just focus on the fact that you lost 16.5lbs in two weeks which is incredibly brilliant well done xxx


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You probably would be happier if you had lost 10lbs the first week and the 6.5 the next or 8.5 one weeks and 8 the next. Its just the way 3.5 sounds - thats all - dont look at it that way - look at the total over the 2 weeks which, imo, is a MASSIVE loss! really huge (well done pet!!). If it makes you feel any better, I lost 7lbs on week one and 5 the next - now that was annoying!!!!


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Wow.....16.5lbs in 2 weeks is amazing.........more than me......and im soo pleased.......you are expected to lose 1 stone per month and you have in 2 weeks.....give yourself a pat on the back and keep up the great work...xx
Thank you so much for all your positive responses, they have been really helpful and made me get things in perspective. I think I went a little bit silly just for a moment! Well I'm pleased to tell you that I didn't fall off the wagon after all and can proudly say I am still 100%! I have found my motivation again now in that I am now wearing clothes that I haven't worn in nearly 12 months! Whoop Whoop!! This forum and all you guys are great...thanks again for your support! L xxx

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