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Week 3 and starving


Wanna be....sexy!
I am wk 3 and I am absolutely starving,I dont know,maybe its because I have started taking flapjacks for one meal,they dont seem to fill me like the shakes.Is wk 3 normally a challenge or do you think its the change in shakes to flapjacks for lunch? I am taking plenty of water but may up it to help.:(
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Hey hun they say you have to up the water with the flapjacks to compensate for not having the shake! Maybe its because week 3 isnt as exciting as week2 when you first start to feel great!!Def up the water hun and come here for a cheer up xxxx


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I started to use 20oz of water in my shakes as opposed to the 8oz they say. this made a bigger drink and more filling and helps with increasing water intake xx


Wanna be....sexy!
Thanx Babe,
Will try all that and see if it helps,I seem to be more thirsty at night since starting the flapjacks and feel dehydrated so the water must be the thing x


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Worth a try hey hun? i need to take my own advice ive had a headache for days now. Think ive pretty much stopped water since stopping LT..silly! xxxx


Wanna be....sexy!
Its hard getting it all down sometimes but it has to be done!


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I agree hun i have a glass as we type lol xx


Wanna be....sexy!
I drink a glass everytime I pass the fridge but its hard going x
Hi Shamrock, just to put your mind at rest babe I have sent you the definition of "starving":

Dictionary.com Unabridged (v 1.1) - Cite This Source - Share This
Audio Help/stɑrv/Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled Pronunciation[stahrv]Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciationverb, starved, starv·ing. –verb (used without object) 1.to die or perish from lack of food or nourishment. 2.to be in the process of perishing or suffering severely from hunger.

Now I dont believe you are any of the above so stop it, your not "starving" you are just wanting to have food, chew on something, slip somethings between your lips, suck on something succulent, feel the warmth of something nice going down your throat or just plain and simply eat. God doesnt eating sound sexy, now maybe here lies the problem:D:D:D
The reality is you really really want to stop winding yourself up and have some nice water and relax. Remember its just an head game and you can win. XXXXX;)


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Hi Shamrock, you're not alone.
I was ravenous on week three, proper physical hunger not just psychological cravings, it lasted for about a fortnight. :(

I have spoken to others and a few of them said they had the same feelings, some people just seem to take longer to lose the hunger after ketosis kicks in, sounds like you're in our club! ;)

On the positive side, it really does disappear and you'll find you couldn't give a stuff about food! It does get easy promise.



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Hi shamrock, I too do what tracy does and add more water to my shakes, and I also split my shakes so I'm having several shakes a day, may be it's to trick my brain into thinking I'm having more, but it's getting me through, You'll find your own way and get into a nice little routine, it just takes a little time and willpower. Good luck :D;)


Wanna be....sexy!
Thanx Guys and Gaz,my mind was definately wandering from food reading your post and probably not wandering in the right direction either x
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I found week 3 (last week!) the hardest than any! The 1st couple of weeks you have determination, the 3rd week ur just fed up! but the 4th week i feel alot better about it cos its nearly a month, and i'm proud of myself! I think you just get use to the food adverts, watching people eat food, driving past all the takeaways etc. keep at it its worth it! xx


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HIya Shamrock,

Week Three for me too and today my stomach RUMBLED for the first time in a couple of weeks!!! It was soo embarrassing as i was chairing a meeting & the room full of 11 people heard it!!!!!

I didnt get any flapjacks this week as im too scared that the chewing sensation will make me want to eat again!

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Hiya Lianna, I love that tummy rumble feeling its nice I get it every night in bed the rumble feeling that is;) x


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I love that feeling too, not normal i dont think! xx


Wanna be....sexy!
I am loading the water in today hoping it will ease he hunger pangs and the rumblings and help the weight loss to x


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we all have good days and bad days just stick at it hun the feeling will soon pass xxxxxx
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Actually was suppose to say so much nicer to drink! cant even type correctly this Lipotrim has so much to answer for!

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