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week 3 weigh in tomorrow , dreading it !!!

I have my 3rd WI tomorrow and am dreading it !!! I know I shouldnt but I have weighed myself on my scales at home and they say that I have not lost :( however they are really old and totally unreliable, but I am dreading it in case I havent lost , is there any reason that I would not loose weight on this diet ?/ I lost 12 lb in my 1st week and 4 lb last week and have not eaten anything, I do struggle to drink all the water but think I am doing pretty well.... please advise and wish my luck :s
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You should lose weight on this diet but you will need to keep up the water. If by any chance you don't get a good loss this week I'd bet it will show up next week (one reason can be TOTM). Hang on in there
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Hun ive not lost something before yes it is really hard but your body works in mysterious ways and as you said your weighing scales arent exactly new or reliable so dont panic or worry. the pharmacy scales might show a loss and if not its not the end of the world measure the inches you have lost instead coz there is no way you arent losing on this diet just sometimes hormones and stuff stop it showing on the scales.

I promise you hun its not the end of the world and you will lose next week and remember YOU HAVNT BEEN WEIGHTED YET SO STOP WORRYING. It cud just be the weighing scales walk away from them and remember you have already lost over a stone in 2 weeks you are well on your way! xxxxxx

irish molly

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It is best not to worry. Scales could be wrong r maybe it will be totm. Remember one thing, your losses will balance over the weeks. Some weeks you will lose less and it can be a bit of a let down but just remember the bigger picture. Dont compare with others as we are all different.
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Good luck with the weigh in tomorrow, let us know how it goes! Things differ between different sets of scales & also, our weight does funny things! Even if the scales don't show it, you will have been burning off fat, so don't be too discouraged if the scales don't show what you'd hope! :)

Many people on here, me included, have weighed at home and show little or no losses and then - miraculously - have a loss when they get to the Official WI.

There are occasions when people haven't lost but they seem to be few and far between and normally show the week after.

Keep positive and fingers crossed for a nice suprise - let us know how you get on x
Thanks for the words of encouragement ladies, i have been for WI and lost 3.5 lb so better than I thought , that takes me to 19 lb in 3 weeks :) I am feeling good and just wish i could make the time go faster as I want this weight gone now !!!
Well done to everyone on this diet , it is sooo hard but even more worth it :)
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well done hun. theres been quite a few weeks where ive felt like i havnt lost but always have when it gets to wi day.

good luck for ur next wi, keep up the good work

x x


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Well done on your loss, though I completely understand why you were dreading it so... I am feeling the same right now and not looking to my weigh in later this afternoon. I too have been naughty and weighed at home - home scales show that I have not lost at at all - but I shall wait and see what happens tonight before getting all in a tizz over it. I know that our weight evens out over the weeks and I keep remembering the big picture and how well I have done so far. :D

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