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week 3 wi


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Well done you .. 3 1/2 is a fab loss.. 17 1/2 pounds is a fantastic amont to lose in 3 weeks....... You should be so proud of yourself .. why would you be disappointed . thats fab..

If you look at my wi's I lost 16 lbs in the first 3 weeks and take a look a bit further along my losses sometimes were less and sometimes more.

Your doing so well .. Be proud x


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yeh i see what you mean, so it is normal then to slow down to around 3lbs, i just hope next week its a little higher or at least no lower lol i think its because in the first 2 weeks i felt a change in clothes etc and this week i just feel the same, fat and horrid so weigh in didnt help xx


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I wouldnt say that 3 lbs is slowing down hon 3 lbs is still a fab loss..
If you lost 3 lbs a week that would be so good.
A few weeks in a row i lost 2 lbs and i was a bit disheartned but if you think about other diets you sometimes lose a pound a week or 2 or stay the same its never constant like this is.
Last week on my 9th week I lost 5 3/4 our bodies just work in strange ways. Also sometimes near the totm you could be lower.
Dont worry 3 lbs is fab x


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3-4 pounds a week is the norm once you get past the first couple of weeks unless you've got lots and lots of weight to lose - and even then, the average only shifts up to 4-5 pounds a week.

I could bore you rigid with my essay about how in theory (that is, not taking water fluctuations into account), it isn't actually possible to lose more weight than that in a week, complete with long and complicated computations - but I'll spare you. :D :D

3.5 pounds is a fantastic loss. You're doing brilliantly. :clap: :clap: :clap:


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lol ok thanx lily, although i would be quite interested to read ur little essay lol xx

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