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Week 36 WI - 12 stone/168lbs gone.

Hi lovely people,

Bit shocked this week as I lost 5lbs, (I was expecting 2lbs at the most) so that brought me up to a total of 12 stone loss. I still can't believe I've lost 12 stone in just 8 months. It will take a while for my mind to catch up with my body, as I look at my reflection and don't know who the hell I am!

Anyhow, my lovely pharmacist would like me to refeed. So I've decided to weigh in on Friday, see what I lose and take it from there. I will most probably refeed as I've been told by people that I've lost enough. Usually I would ignore people and do what I want but I figure they're right. The people I love so very dearly and who have always supported me no matter what, and have said 'We're happy, if you're happy' have also said I look perfect as I am now, and if I lose anymore I will begin to look ill. So I'm taking their advice onboard.

So my real journey looks like it will begin on Friday/Saturday. LT to me was never the beginning, just a prelude. The start of my journey begins when I refeed/maintain. The people who lose the weight and keep it off will always be my inspiration. They're the real heroes/heroines. I only hope and pray I can make myself proud.

Here's a little 12 stone loss photo. Some very very kind person put my before together with the latest one to show the difference.

22 Stone 7lbs /315 lbs - 10 stone 7lbs/147 in 8 months 100% LT.
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You are an absolute stunner!! look at you!! oh my god. thank b'jesus i was sat down for that.

Congratulations sweetheart, you are amazing, just staggering.

i would say i'm speechless but who am i kidding, i am just gushing!!

wow wow wow.


You are an absolute stunner!! look at you!! oh my god. thank b'jesus i was sat down for that.

Congratulations sweetheart, you are amazing, just staggering.

i would say i'm speechless but who am i kidding, i am just gushing!!

wow wow wow.

*huge blush* Sarah-Lou! You made me cheeks go all red and flush with that lovely message.

Thank you so much for everything. You are one of the wonderful people on here who encouraged and supported me throughout. Reading your posts and your fabulous losses every week spurred me on no end!

I'm so glad you're never speechless as you sharing your journey (the word journey still cracks me up!) has helped not only me but loads of other people starting out.

Thank you, you're just fabulous darling! Think Gok will take me on and teach me how to make the most of the new bod? Haha.

WOW... i had to read that twice then again to make sure i had read it right....WELL DONE....you are an inspiration to me

karen x
Thank you so much Karen!

If you stick to the plan 100% the weight will fly off you, and you'll feel fantastic at what you've achieved!


Strong women stay slim
That is amazing , how fast you did it ! so what have the benefits been for you since losing the weight ?

Wobbley Woo

Life Is A Constant Diet.
you look stunning, what a transformation, a huge well done for sticking to it, what an inspiration you are.

wow get out thre and show yourself of now ;)
wow, wow, wow. You look absolutely stunning. You must have the most amazing will power as I only lasted 7 weeks this time! I took a leaf out of your book and have gone back to the gym. Food will taste amazing for you after 36 weeks of not eating! I think you are a total inspiration.
ho my God that's amaaaazing. Please pray for me so that I can have that will power cose I have 4 more stone to lose I don't know if I can do that cose Iam struggling.
Congrats and well done!


wants to be slim
You are truly amazing and look great - Wish you all the best with the refeed and I am sure you'll manage to keep the weight off if youve had the willpower to stick at this diet for as long as you have - Make sure you keep us all posted on how you are getting on with refeed as this is one of the things i worry about when i start my refeed - but ive only been at it for 7 weeks now and have a long way to go yet, but for you not having ANY food and sticking to it 100% for 36weeks - I think your tastebuds are going to go mental !!

good luck,
claire xx


Back to reality!
WOW you look amazing! Such an inspiration for everyone out there. You look like a totally different person andI guess you feel it too!


Silver Member
Wow - how amazing are you!!!???
Well done; you're obviously a very strong woman to have stuck to LT for 8 months.
I'm sure you'll make re-feed work for you.
Wow finding words hard to come by as it has all been said. You look knockout and you must be so proud of yourself. I am only on day 4 of restarting but your determination has so inspired me to carry on THANK YOU
Oh my word, how inspiring are you??? WOW!!! You look amazing, thankyou for posting your success because I sure needed a reminder of how amazing this diet can be! Well done you!

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Betsy, what can I possibly add!!!! You are literally half the woman you were, physically, but twice the woman you were, emotionally, mentally. Your determintation and effort to succeed is unmatched. Your achievement is phenomenal. Well done and all the very best for refeed.


Otherwise known as Jools
Betsy - there are not enough words to express how fantastic you are. You are simply amazing. Your strength and willpower just superhuman.

I started my journey around the same time as you and at a similar weight - I only wish I had half the strength and willpower as you to have carried on and be as successful but I couldn't. I did achieve a lot but nowhere near as much as you.

You are just simply gorgeous, amazing, wonderful, a true poster girl for Lipotrim

Congratulations you little superstar :D :D Well done

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