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Week 4 Weigh in - Whooo!!

:eek: :wow: Brilliant!!! Well done, bet you are floating on cloud nine!!


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Hi sarah,
congratulations 5lb and 2 stone. It's a great mile stone, well done. Glad the wii fit is going well, does it just do toning as well as other exercises ? Best of luck for next week.


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Wow! Brilliant! 2 stone! Amazing. Congrats
:clap: Wow well done, that's absolutely brilliant, 5lb and 2 stone gone - in a month :eek:

:happy096: keep up the great work! Thinking of getting wii fit, do you recommend it then?


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Hi Sarah

:happy096: Well done on your weight loss this week and overall! There is no stopping you girl :)

What's your next treat (dying to know) :)!

have a fab week.
Thanks all! yes i'm chuffed to bits!!

On the wii fit- yes totally recommend it. there are 4 types of things you can do on it - but i think you can buy other fitness games too.

Muscle Exercises
Aerobic Exercises
Balance Exercises

Aerobic are things like hula hooping (without the hoop lol!), a step class, boxing, jogging on the stop etc.

Yoga is fab, i do yoga anyway so its really good to be able to practice at home with some structure.

Muscle exercises i find really hard, but they are specific to certain areas of your body so excellent for toning.

The balance games are the least aerobic but loads of fun, like skiing, tightrope walking etc.

I really think my balance and the way i hold myself are improving already!!

And it weighs you and measures your BMI. it also assess your athletic ability and gives you a Wii Fit age, so plenty of things to monitor yourself and your improvement on!

Well done you its a fantastic feeling isnt it I just got the ea sports active for wii yesterday its brill hard week on the easy one but from nothing at all its going to be.I nearly couldnt walk to the chemist for weigh in this morning but was glad I did I lost 4 lbs this week well chuffed. Keep it up.
meant hard work not week


Life is not a Rehersal!
Like the sound of the wii fit! I noticed on tv last night that they were advertising some contraption...like what you use to monitor how many steps you are doing in a day, but it is all related to the wii fit...may have to splurge when I get to my 2 stone I think :)!!!!

Again, well done!


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Wow, 2 stone in 4 weeks!! Thats great.

What are going going to treat yourself to at your next 20lb loss, its not far away now and I am dying to know!!

I am holding out until end June to treat myself, I hope to get 20lb before that but we'll see. I have a reunion and I would like to buy something nice to wear!

Wobbley Woo

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Fantastic, well done, it's great to see it start dropping off isn't it :)
I'm a bit torn for my next treat. it will either be new hair colour and cut or some new sunglasses. got my eye on some ray-ban aviators. so we shall see! i think it'll depend on the weather!


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