Week 4 weigh in


HI there, week 4 weigh in and i lost 3.5 ibs, really pleased as i really thought that i wouldnt lose anything this week, am really struggling with the water, is there a secret to drinking so much water, i just cant do it!!


well done on the weight loss!

have u tried having sparkling water with a spoon of CD berry or orange flavour? if i struggle i get a litre or 2 down me of that :D

i think u r only allowed one spoon of the flavour per day but i find one spoon easily does 2 litres for me. it tastes too strong in 1 litre.

Well done on the loss, I too drink my water hot it just seems to slide down better especially in this cold weather
Hi Sloren,

Well done on your weight loss. 11.5lbs is fantastic:D

I also drink my water hot as it seems easier to drink that way - I really struggle when it is cold water.