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WEEK 4 WI: dissapointing....


..doing it!
Heloooo :)

Feeling crappy coz my Week 4 WI is -2lbs :sigh:

I KNOW that its still a good thing, i guess i had too high expectations of myself this week. Im on antibiotics for a wisdom tooth infection :(

Anyways, on to next week and the 4 week challenge!!! :D :talk017:

Trying to stay possitive! :cool:

I hope everyone is doing good :wavey:


Lei xxx
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Hi please don't be down because I had a zero weight loss on week 3 and nearly gave up but I came back on here and I've gone from strength to strength so carry on and it'll come off next week xx:)
No worries hun, its a loss and a loss is a loss :), next week will be better!


Here we go again!
2lbs is a loss afterall. 2lbs of actual fat gone forever. Stick with it and the weight will come off.


..doing it!
:thankyou: :)

Im putting this week, and my negative thoughts, behind me!

There is NO WAY im gonna stop doing LT!!! :copon:

I made a promise to myself today that i will stick through each week!

Ive been unhappy with my weight for soo many years now that i feel like i finally DESSERVE to be healthy and happy, and slim!!!

I had a similar thing happen when i did LL last year, my WI for week 5 was zero. I remember that i was soo upset and angry with myself that i just gave up :( something that i regretted more than the non-weight loss itself!

I am happy today, knowing that im not the same person i was last year. This time i can accept that not every week is going to result in a massive weight-loss, but the important thing is that im changing from the inside aswell as out!

Ahhhh i have exercised my demon! :D

Thank you for reading :) and your constant support :woohoo:


Lei xxxxx


Silver Member
I only managed 2lb loss today,but thats just the way it is some weeks,so try not to feel down about it...hopefully we will both get big losses next wk...fingers crossed!!! Caz xx


Positivity is the key
Firstly congratulations on your weight loss. It went the right way didn't it. I sometimes wonder with dieting if we have tricked our bodies by losing the weight fast at the beginning of any diet and then it goes Ah Ha! and tries to stop us by not showing the loss we expected. This in turn makes us feel disillusioned and therefore we start eating as we think the diet didn't work. But in fact it was only our bodies trying to trick us back into eating. There you go, the perhaps mad ramblings of an Irish woman but I suppose what I'm saying is stick with it you may get a nice surprise next week. And you are right you do deserve it.


maintaining since June'09
YOU know 2lb is not to be sniffed at .... swings and roundabouts, unfortunately our bodies aren't machines.

Keep up the good work. xx


Gold Member
2lb is still a really good loss, well done.

Maybe you should go and look for that date, all that extra exercise *wink*..............still laughing at your other thread.

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