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Week 11 WI...


..doing it!
Hiya everyone :)

Week 11 WI and 1lb down :sigh:

Hmmmm..... well its in the right direction!

Im now 11st1lb :D so only 1.5stones to go..... :rolleyes:

Ive been extremely unmotivated this past week to be honest :( I need to get my mojo back!!!

It doesnt help that a (very damn cute!) guy I recently went on a few dates with turned out to be flippin MARRIED :eek:

Why cant people just be honest eh!!! :grumble:

Im considering becomming a nun... :cry:

I hope that everyones doing well :cool:


Lei xxxx
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I will be skinny again!!!
Well done on your loss chick!!! and you had a great big one last week, so thats kinda making up for it!!

Aaaaah!!! I hate that, Similar thing happened to me a few years ago, I was only 16 and very impressionable and met a guy who promised to take me New york etc etc lol! Turned out he was married too lol!!

Hope your not too upset over that loser :p lol

Hmm.... Mojo??

Before and after pics are always brilliant for giving you a burst of happiness?? xxxx


Gold Member
Well done - look at the overall loss and you've done great. And you will continue to do great.

Sack him off, and move onward and upward to finding a nice (but not toooooooo nice, lol) man who treats you as you deserve! what a useless waste of space he turned out to be - his poor wife...


..doing it!
Thanks alot ladies, I truely appreciate your support :)

WOW you both look fab in your pics :happy096: :flirt2:

Yeah what a waste of time!!! And his poor wife... :(

Im not upset anymore, I have enough self respect to not get involved! Although he was VERY good looking.... oops! :copon:

I hope he gets what he deserves - Karma can be a *****!!! :D :whoopass: :D

Now where did that prince charming go......???


Lei xxxx


Silver Member

your loss last week more than made up for it, you have done so well so far! If you find your mojo,see if mine is with it!! I cant believe I managed a weekend of pleasure in the UK without a slipup and now I am struggling.

I am envious of your 11 weeks!
Hiya :)

If you find your mojo,see if mine is with it!
Haha!!! Will do hun :giggle:

I thought my mojo was back when i was checking out this cute guy sitting opposite me this morning on the tube :D

I looked at him and smiled, u know that "innocent" flirty kinda smile ;) he smiled back then the woman next to him (i assume was his girlfriend) grabbed his arm very sternly :eek:
oops!!! :rolleyes:

Sorry to hear you are struggeling hun :( im sure that it will pass. You have done soo well to resist with your weekend in UK :happy096: you can do it!!!

So my mojo search continues then....methinks i'll take the bus back to work this afternoon.... and consider using a dating agency :eek: haha!!


Lei xxxx


Life is not a Rehersal!
Hi Lei

Your weight loss last week was phenomenal when you think about it - 8lbs....keep remembering that one! You have done so well overall and like you say, you are almost there....1.5stone,,say another month to 5 weeks roughly!!! Gosh, that is nothing in the bigger scheme of things - eh!

Your very pretty and I sure you will meet your Mr Right....

Have a great week and keep being positive...as you always seem to be and very philisophical....great!

Take care

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