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Week 6 Weigh In


Fat Fighter!!!!
I normally get weighed on a Thursday but won't be until tomorrow, so had a sneaky ne this morning and have droped another 3. Chuffed to bits as I was out on Saturday, and had to refeed (Which was awful) I felt soooo bloated and tired after eating. But did not feel ill after drinking! I went straight back on the shakes on Sunday and am pleased to have dropped 3lbs :D Hope you are all doing well this week :)
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It really does work! :)
Congratulations! :)

The break will probably have done you good in a mental sort of way and obviously hasn't affected you in a physical way, so well done.


Slowly but surely!
Well done on your loss hun :)
Well done for getting back on the horse! Was re-feeding THAT awful then??


Gold Member
Well done! Excellent loss all considered!
Well done. Thats another 3 in the right direction.


Fat Fighter!!!!
Well done for getting back on the horse! Was re-feeding THAT awful then??
Yep, I had to have foods high in Carb to knock me out of Ketosis so I had a sarnie, and to be honest it bloated me and didn't taste as good as I thought it would! And I used to eat bread every single day! I also ate some buffet food at my friends house which was lovely but I just felt sooo uncomfortable and irritable. It was a lovely surprise to see a loss of 3lbs as I had assumed I would have put on 3lbs! Not lost. However I'm wanting a bigger loss for weigh in 7 so will not be eating this week! Fingers Crossed :)

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