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Week 7 Weigh In


Here we go again!
Congrats on the 3lbs this week, that's great on refeeding!

Do you not miss carbs if you're having next to none? I know they are a trigger food with me that make me gain weight so I will have to be careful with them after refeeding too. Keep up the good work.


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Thanks Bev, yeah same here, my logic was to start refeeding so my body got used to food and introduce carbs gradual, as the penny has dropped after 37 years that carbs is what keeps my weight on. Strange as it seems, do not crave carbs, love to eat protein and veg, feels such a treat these days.


Here we go again!
Me too, only took me 39 years to realise that!!

I'm planning to do that with carbs as well. Pasta and rice are worse for me than bread though. I could sometimes weigh 3lbs heavier the next day after eating pasta! Shame, cos I do like it. Can't wait to start refeeding in just under 2 weeks and eating meat and veg and salad. Never really ate much salad before but I do like it.


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What a outstanding weight loss, that is such commitment. Roll on 2 weeks time when you start refeeding, would strongly recommend that if carbs are your demon that to try and keep to a minimum until your body has adapted to food. I love bread and I've found that if I have more than 2 glasses of wine, my self control goes out of the window, so trying to keep wine levels low as well at the moment. If we go out for a meal, I always choose somewhere that do a carvery where you can help yourself to veg, it's heaven because you don't feel as if you are missing out...........sad though as I go for a carvery every week


maintaining since June'09
I have no intention of eating as many carbs as I'm eating on refeed .... does that sound mad?? :eek:

I was just so terrified of gaining that I followed the refeeding sheet to the absolute letter. I thought the way they introduce the carbs was probably tried and tested and I was too scared to follow my own plan .... how sad am I :eek: LOL!! x


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very well done for losing on the refeed, must be a great boost. Best of luck this week.
good loss on refeed well done


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Well done on the RF weight loss!!

Got to say I am the same with carbs. I realised about a year ago that bread was causing me real problems, in particular the demon white loaf. I can manage a light brown bread like ww but only a slice a day or a soda bread is ok too. But as I am the only one who really likes it in my house its a waste. I have tried freezing it and taking a slice at a time but it taste awful defrosted!

Before LT I stopped eating my curries with rice and only had the actual curry although I have to say I LOVE naan bread (and its so high in fat/calories). I have a brilliant and authentic very low calorie curry recipe for maintenance.

Spuds are a real comfort food for me..... After my 1st exam this year I bought a few new spuds and real butter, lit the fire and ..... well as they say the rest is history!!

Strangely though I am not craving them at all..... I just realised that!


maintaining since June'09
Hey Theresa - do share the curry recipe! x :) x
hi and very well done to you for keeping the ball rolling. it is very interesting what you are all saying about carbs because they are pushed as the healthy filling agent but they have just turned me into a sleepy fat person:( I guess with this diet lark one size does NOT fit all

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