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Week 8 WI


Serial Dieter!
Let me be the first to say.....

I too wish that weight loss was as easy as :dooney: IYKWIM!


WILL be Slim!
oh my god, 4lbs is amazing hun!!!!!!!
There are a lot of people that would cry out for a loss like that (me included at the moment!)...
Keep up the good work hun!


One day at a time!
Well done - that's a great loss despite you wanting to lose more! I know what you mean though, we'd all like losses of 6-7lbs a week every week but for most of us this just isn't likely. Keep up the wonderful work:)
4lbs is a brilliant loss-I wish I could remember the last time I ever lost that much in a week! I know that with this diet it doesn't seem like much sometimes, but you couldn't do it on any other diet. Just remember-it probably took you a long time to put the weight on-this diet is quicker than most at getting it off again. With losses like that you'll soon get there. Mine seems a bit like a scenic route at the moment despite being 100%, but I'll get there in the end-just a bit slower.


Eat to live don't live to eat!
Aww hun, we all want more than we get lol! Remember the 'average' weight loss on cd is a stone a month which is roughly 3 1/2 pounds a week so you are still above average :)

So well done for your loss, each and every pound lost counts towards your goal xx


I WILL be thin!!
Oohhh, I just realised that I've moved from obese to overweight!!!


Serial Dieter!
It's just getting better and better for you girl!!!:D

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