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Week 8

Week 8 and another 2lbs gone. :)

Not as good as previous weeks, but not bad as I cheated a bit on the weekend ( well a lot really ) :eek: I am not going to be down on myself, as 2 lbs a good loss on all the other types of diet I have tried over the years.

Does anyone else have more difficulty at the weekend ? Any ideas to help keep on the wagon ?
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Well done Kev, it's all going in the right direction! No tips I'm afraid :(
Well done on the loss Kevin... At least you know there is a reason for it not being as much of a loss as usual..... Keep going x x

No idea about the weekends except have a lie in, keep busy and then go to bed early!! lol

Sorry x
I could try staying in bed all weekend but I do not think the OH would go for that :D
2lbs is better than 2 lbs on!!!!! :) :) :)

The weekend thing is hard. I've managed by starting each wkend morning with a big, long walk and then keeping really busy all day and bed early. I find that after the exercise I'm motivated for the day..imagining how much easier it'll be when I'm not carrying around extra weight with me!!

I also 'cook' my chicken soup in the evening, just mix it with a little water and then microwave. It might not taste like the type of thing I used to have but I'm eating at least and it feels like i'm having a dinner..I even use a knife and fork sometimes...

Hope this week is easier for you Kev :)
I could try staying in bed all weekend but I do not think the OH would go for that :D
Have you asked her? You might be surprised ;) x
I have just asked OH she said Yes but ( always a but :) ) I have to hire a nanny for the weekend. I got clip around the ear when I said if we had a nanny she need not to stay in bed :D
Lol....I like the sound of your wife x
Well done Kev 2lb is better off than on and is a great loss with or without a cheat. good on ya lovey xx


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Well done Kev, tips for the weekend. Christmas shopping!! :D:D:D
That will only account for Christmas eve :D
Congrats kev, the weekends are hard for me too, ive had the occasional slice of turkey while my bro tucks into his m&m's watching x-factor, not quite the same i know.....
Well done Kev. I always find weekends hard too. I tend to clean all the house to keep myself busy but not sure if you are up for that lol By the time I am finished I am too shattered to even get up off the sofa let alone walk to the kitchen lol
I do the ironing. Well anything that does not matter to much!

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