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Week three WI - very disappointed....

Hi Guys :wave_cry:

Well, I had my week three WI today, I only lost 1lb, I feel soooo disappointed in myself, and I didn't even cheat once. Why why why would I only lose 1lb if I stuck to the diet 100%. So in total over three weeks I've only lost 12lbs.... :sigh:

My CDC tried to cheer me up but didn't fill in my 'weight loss card' so when I got home my h2b did it and he put that he is very proud of me, which made me feel more disappointed in myself. I feel like crying (pathetic I know) but I sat at my desk today in work with someone eating a lovely sandwich by the side of me and someone else eating crisps and I have my soup everyday, soup, soup, soup, soup - argh.

So sorry for the negative post, it just feels good to write my feelings down. Has anyone else being in this position? I just feel like having a curry now and getting drunk, but I won't, I'm so stubbon I won't allow myself to do that........
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Have a look at my losses in my siggy - i had just 0.6 one week and nearly jacked it in - was gutted. BUT i had a "bigger" loss next week and it was worth it. Ive just had a weigh in tonight - so just adjusting it again

I dont have huge losses - but "slowly" infact not really slowly - ive lost 24pounds - keep with it :) x x


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aww hun, I lost 1 lb one week, it's so disheartening. Stick with it, it will pick up. It will just be water retention, it CANT be fat. Measure yourself!


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I've had a couple of 1lb weeks too and isn't it disheartening. Poor you. All you can do is bear in mind the 'bigger picture'. Or perhaps that should be the 'smaller picture'!! No seriously, this is a longer term solution that you are doing, it takes time, and the body is a very complex machine. Week 3 is still early on, and your system is still catching up with the new regime. Try to look at the whole picture, give it another week, stick to it (DON'T go off plan in despair!) and next week bet you'll see a good loss. It all evens out in the end if you stick to it - promise. Hugs. Lx


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Stick with it hun, it is probably just fluid and you are bound to have a bigger loss next week. I know it must be disheartening but well done for resisting the temptation of the curry, it shows you are strong and will succeed with this diet.
Hi - thanks so much for your replies and support ladies, for me, it really is the difference between carrying on with this diet and thinking 'stuff this, I'm going for a curry'

What I was thinking earlier (whilst sipping water...) is that you really do need to be strong mentally to do this diet, at only three weeks in I'm struggling, so I admire you all that have stuck to it for months (please tell me it gets easier?) lol....

Anyway, I'm off to watch TV in bed to stop me thinking about food.

Thanks once again for your support. xx


loving life
It does get easier hun the longer you are on it, it becomes like second nature. Keep going xx


can see the end in sight!
it becomes a habit this diet and starts to feel normal after a while.


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Dont worry about this week. its over and done with try and look forward to your next WI with a positive attitude. i had a pants week 3 too. i've been looking at peeps sigs and alot of people have low loses in week 3. i truly belive that for most people its a slacking off on the water and the body adjusting to its new diet.

Good luck and keep on going your worth it.

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Why would you be disapointed in yourself if you have stuck to cd 100%? You should be thrilled you've done this. 12lbs in 3 weeks is really, really good. You oh is right to be proud of you and you should be proud of yourself. If you lose 2lbs next week that's a whole stone in a month. Please don't be upset. It's a lb off and better off than on xxx


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Everytime I see somebody post this... I'm gutted for you, I'm gutted for myself and then I remember that we don't have to beat ourselves up about it....

KD's post is a reality check for all us SS'ers!

Click on the link and have a read, it really helps me when I'm struggling with disappointing weekly losses.

((((Big hugs))))))


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Hey hon. .
Just wanted to say well done as 12 pounds in 3 weeks is a great loss..
Let me give you an example of something if week one you say lost 6 pounds and week 2 you lost 3 pounds and week 3 you lost 3 pounds you would have been pleased.. so you obviously had bigger losses the previous weeks hon.. our bodies work in weird ways.......

I always try and look at the bigger picture the week I lost 1 1/2 pounds I didnt focus on that I focussed on the fact that I lost 5 stone that week overall....

Your doing fab so chin up hon...... and keep smiling xxx

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