Week two and starving!


Hi, I did a week of SS starting 5 January, but I struggled so much that this week I am trying SS+, although, I did not cheat or fold once! Now, though, I am 2 days into my second week and I am still hungry most of the time and constantly thinking about food. I feel cheated that other people seem to feel fine on CD once they get into it, but I am having such a hard time. I don't know whether to give in and accept it's not for me, or keep plugging on in the hope that one day it will get easier. Will it?
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Keep going! It should pass. Good luck x x


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Believe that you can do it and stay positive. When I'm hungry I tend to have a black coffee. xx

Laura Croft

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Have you eaten or drunk anything that may have knocked you out of ketosis? If not, is it physical hunger or head hunger? Sometimes our heads can make us think we are physically hungry too. How's your water drinking going? Have you been exercising too much by any chance?

One thing I still do with hunger pains is try to channel them to someone who needs to eat for example, just imagine someone who can't eat because they are too ill but eating would be very good for them and send your hunger thoughts to them. It works very well for me when I remember to do it, and I'd like to believe maybe just maybe every now and then one of those thoughts can go to where they need to.
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Thanks Laura, that's really helpful. I am feeling a bit better now, so hopefully It's just a matter of time and letting my body adjust!


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I'm like that too. I'm not physically hungry but just WANT something!!!! EEEEEEKKKKK!;) (Not giving in tho!!!)


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Really like the thought of channelling hunger/impulse to eat to others that need to.
It made me think of a time that my mum couldn't eat with worry as my dad was in hospital; she became unwell and ended up in casualty at another hospital. Thankfully, this is a couple of years ago and both are doing fine.

HappyMinx, I started a day before you and felt hungry up until about Thursday 14th, so it does seem to be a case of hanging in there, as now I feel ok x