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week two has been hard!

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Hey everyone, hope everyone is getting on well...I'm not doing so well this week:( haven't cheated or anything but the hunger pangs:eatdrink051: have arrived! And I feel really bloated which I didn't feel in week one. I think I was spoiled on week one because it all was so smooth sailing!

Does anyone else feel like this? I know must ppl seem to find wk 2 easier, maybe I'm just doing it in reverse...also was wondering is it ok to take tablets for water retention??

I'd love a chinese:mad:or pizza!!!:copon: I know I wont cheat but its hard when everyone else can have what they like around you! I know this is prob because there was a family event at the weekend and it was hard to be the only one not tucking in to the lovely looking spread:tomato:!!! Rant over thanks everyone

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Hi Mirsydotes,
sorry you are having a hard time. The 2nd week can be tough as we are still getting used to things and most research tells us we need 3 weeks to change our habits. I went looking up water retention as I heard the way to overcome it is by drinking more water believe it of not. I have included a link to a site which tells you more on this, I hope you find it useful and wish you all the best in the coming days.

S: 15st5lb C: 14st9lb G: 11st6lb BMI: 31.2 Loss: 0st10lb(4.65%)
Thanks very much Doirin, thats fantastic help I'll check that out and start drinking more water, I really appreciate your support, it has really perked me up, hope you have a wonderful week:D
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Just a thought , Have you been going to the loo regularly because when i am constipated I feel HUGE . I had to take senokot a few times to hurry things on or is time of the month due (also bloats me out) . Just wondering


Here we go again!
Sorry you're having a tough week 2 Mirsy. My hard week was week 3. Seemed to want to eat anything and everything but didn't. Your body is just getting used to having no food. All that hunger and craving is just in your head, I don't think it's physical hunger at all. Just tell yourself you're not hungry, you don't want it and drink some more water! You will get used to it, honest!

I went to an wedding evening do at the weekend and was the only one not eating from the buffet, which was fantastic! They also brought round the wedding cake sliced, which was a 3 tier chocolate one!! It looked and smelt soooo gooood! I was very good though, I didn't give in and thought I could have a small piece of cake when I finish this, everything in moderation. You will be fine, stay strong and stay focused. You're doing great!
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Hi Mirsydotes

The holiday time is not an easy time. There is food everywhere, the smell of BBQ's is in the air, family get togethers etc etc, so don't be too hard on yourself.
Doirin is right about the time it takes to relearn new habits, and let's face it, its been those habits that have got us into this trouble. That's why I love LT, because its not just about diet food and so on, its about a new way of thinking and changing our lives.
Strangely enough at the the moment I am actually craving salad...and before you :9529:at my saintly perfection, I really do, the smell of it when I make one for my hubby is driving me mad. Lovely and crispy and colourful with honey mustard dressing.
Hope I can remember that when I go to refeed!!
Glad you haven't cheated. Keep going. ;)


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me too Mirsy!! god it's so hard this week. I'm realy struggling being at home - work is fine but home is so hard. my OH loves his food and can just maintain a 32" waist no bother so this weekend he ate, oven cooked fish and chips, domino's pizza, pate on toast, Gu puds, cheese on toast, bacon and eggs... i could go on.

I quit smoking nearly 4 months ago and i'm finding that really hard too. i actually caved this weekend and from saturday to monday i smoked about 6 cigs. gutted but i think better than eating.



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Just think how strong you really are Mirsy because you really wanted to but you didn't that takes real determination keep it up your doing really good and when you get your weighin you'll be even more pleased with yourself cos you stayed strong and lossed weight.
Sarah WOW you are doing great stopping smoking and losing weight you've done 2 weeks so you've proved to yourself you can do it. Keep it up guys we CAN do this and it's not forever.
S: 15st5lb C: 14st9lb G: 11st6lb BMI: 31.2 Loss: 0st10lb(4.65%)
Hi everyone thank you so much for your words of encouragement I just hope that my hunger doesn't get the better of me! I had a bad weigh in today, well 2lbs wasnt bad but I had my heart set on four! chinese is really seeming appealing now! I admire you all so much and thanks again for being here for me:D

Sarah, anytime you need to chat I'm here and well done on giving up smoking thats fantastic! I know you feel bad for having a few but that doesnt matter you can get through this;) just take it all one day at a time :p


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i have found that some days i am distracted and want to eat food. for me it has never been about hunger whilst on LT but the psychology of wanting to eat, and i am relatively new to all this. but once at goal imagine how you will feel. glad you are not planning to cheat. good luck

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