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week3 weigh in !!!!

:sigh: Hi all,
well just been for my 3rd wi and iv lost 2lb...
im happy in 1 way because i have lost a stone in 3 weeks, but a little dissappointed at the same time..
I was hoping that id lost a bit more than that as i have stuck to the plan and not waverd in the slightest..
But not to be disheartened as iv got to look on the positive side.. i promised myself that i would look at the results over a month to see the benefits...
Fingers crossed 4 next week xx
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you are doing just fine! a stone is gone from your body forever and that is fantastic! Pretty sure it took me 3 weeks to get my first stone as well, so we are all different - some lose it in one, others take longer.

Really well done :)
Thanx elle-emm..
I am trying to stay positive.. I wont let it get me down 2 much..
I just feel like every1 else is expecting more too as i have to let them all know how iv done.. But I`m not doing this for them am I xx
Congrats! That's still a great loss; basically, any loss is wonderful & it seems that it tends to even out over the course of a month anyway, so you're right to look at the overall picture!

Good luck with your next week :)



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Well done on the loss. A stone in 3 weeks is brill. Keep going!


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Well done on the 2lbs....just think, what other diet would you get results like this...on any other normal diet that would take me around 8-12 weeks to achieve! It is good!

Have a good week.
Well done hun, 2lb is a bag of sugar.

I don't know how true this is but when I complained of a low loss when I started last year someone told me that sometimes the body tries to fight back and hang onto the fat. Hang in there and you will win that battle!!! I kinda liked the idea of my fat hanging on for dear life and it kept me going. Someone else said the body sometimes needs to catch up with the losses and a low week is often followed by a higher loss.

congrats hun, hitting the 1st stone mark - well done!!

i know how you feel, i was disappointed with my loss last week and felt a bit stupid coz it's still a loss and you know it's consistent and it's pure fat coming of etc etc but you cant help feeling it sometimes! and that's what we're here for! to convince you it's great!! 8 packs of butter!! GONE FOREVER!!!

this is what i do! go home after a weigh in and look at the full pack of butter or lard that seems to live in our fridge and not get used and work out how many of those i lost - coz that's pretty much pure fat so it's a nice comparison!!

Ty sarahlou, i think we all do it dont we, I no i would never have lost a stone in 3 weeks on any other diet, but i was hoping for a little more off lol... i think its a woman thing always wanting a little bit more xx
Well done!!!

A stone in 3 weeks is FAB!!


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