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Week3 WI

25lbs in 3 wks!!!!!!!!!!!!!:eek:
That is unbelieveable!!!!!
Congrats, you'll be reaching that first goal in no time at all, that is if you haven't already!!!!!!;)
Well done hun xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
nice one mikey! thats a great loss matie..

I'm totally in the same boat with the jeans situation :) Got my WI 3 on friday too. i dont feel like i've done as much as that though. i'm envious! =D

Little Miss iving - I dont know if I dare try them on - I know if they dont fit, it will be so demoralising

go for it!! even if they don't fit yet, you will see how much closer they are since lat time you tried them on!! you might get a pleasant surprise!!

congratulations on the weight loss, you are doing brilliantly, and you sound so positive! xx
Dave - hehe :) - I totally didnt expect it to be that much, I havnt really been able to drink as much water as I did the 1st week, because of university and that - havnt really been weeing as much either :$

Becky - Thankyou :D

Vickie - you might be onto somthing there, went to matalan before coming home from uni looking at belts (yes im a belt whore) and bought one XXL (usual size) got it home and its too big - BRING ON THEM JEANS lol :p

cheers everyone
Great stuff, will be over 2 stone gone by this time next week, awesome!!
Hi Mickey, Congrats on your overall weight loss!! Ya must be over the moon:party0011:
OMG you so gotta try the jeans!!!! :eek:
We'll do it together right, i've only lost 8lbs so far but been walking around with the same few pairs of jeans as when i started!!! I'm a belt whore too but they seem to have gone awol:confused: so i'm wearing my long coats everywhere so i don't flash anyone:eek:
Have jeans one size down!!!!
I'll try if you will:rolleyes:
so basically 2 stone in 3 weeks -that is briliant -you are doing so so well. keep em a comin!!! :D


Is thinking positive!
Mikey you are a star, I am over the moon for you, Big Hugs!! :)
Little Miss Living - Let me know when and Im all for the mutual trouser tryon :eek: hehe belts are the greatest fasion accesory EVER! - bought a spikey one today - proper rockstar :p
haha I can picture you walking around in a flashers jacket now hehe :p x

Miss_Unknown - Yeah I am a bit, only thing ive noticed myself really was my overhang (HATE IT!!! EVIL) getting smaller, hopefully will go completely :D x

Niki - thank you x :D

BlackRose - yeah prettymuch 2stone in 3weeks, might start riding my bike again - burn more...my mates been trying to get me to karate again but its like :/ - cba really, Been there done that, got the blackbelt hehe

Morbid - cheers love, hopefully will stay around that loss per week :) x *HUG*

Keisha - thanks :D

that has to be the longest post i've done :p haha
It's getting a bit ridiculous really lol walking around pulling up the jeans all the time!!! I had a cool pyramid spike belt which i wore to death, barely wearable now :(
I had loads of skull buckle ones but i change belts so often that they tend to gather on the floor and i accidentally seperated 3 skulls from 3 seperate belts over the last few months!!!!:cry:
You'd think i'd have learnt lol
The jeans try-on is affirmative, not gonna be home til later tonight so we gotta come on here tommorrow to report how they fit!!! Hopefully they won't be too snug on me:rolleyes:
Good luck and god speed:p xxxxxx


on the up lol
well done mikey
is a great wi, keep up the good work :party0011::party0011::party0011:

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