Weekend is here!!!

Discussion in 'Lipotrim Forum' started by Guenevere, 13 June 2008 Social URL.

  1. Guenevere

    Guenevere Getting married July 2011

    Hi guys
    Just thought I'd let you all know that I had a great day! As I'm always dumping my problems on the forum!
    Today was great, really interesting lecture in the morning, and in the afternoon I passed one of my exams! It was the one I was most worried about, and the guy passed me in 5 mins cos he could see I knew my stuff.
    When the clerical staff messed up they actually apologetic! Which is nice, cos they don't have to!
    And no less than 3 people commented on my weight loss today! It must be my new confidence but men are paying me so much more attention, I've had more doors held open, and innocent flirtations in the last week than in the last year! And best of all it's my 22nd birthday tomorrow! Plus it's the weekend!
    I was paranoid what with it being Friday the 13th!
    Hope everyone else is having a great day too. Remember, keep drinking the water! :grouphugg:
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  3. Tootiefrootie

    Tootiefrootie Wants it Gone!

    well done on passing an exam thats brilliant news and the comments are a bonus especially it being Friday 13th!!!!!

    Happy weekend to you too...
  4. oxoxallyoxox

    oxoxallyoxox Full Member

    Well done hunni - your really having a good day! Be sure and pass it on because happiness in contagious!

    Well done on your exam!
  5. fatgirl666

    fatgirl666 Hates to post

    Hi there. Its nice to hear someone having a great day and enjoying a few compliments. Brilliant news on your exam and lets hope you (and the rest of us) have many more great days:p

    Im sure your 22nd year will be your best year yet!
  6. Guenevere

    Guenevere Getting married July 2011

    Thanks guys!

    Oh I think I just found out where all the Friday 13th bad luck went! It's NO to Lisbon!
    Ah well, I'll let the politicians fix it and I'll just chill!

  7. jackie2029

    jackie2029 Full Member

    great loss hun, well done, im having a good friday the 13th too, sorted out a legal problem with work and found out im in the right! which is very good news, daughters sorted some of her probs out in oz today so less worry for mum! and my fav white trousers! im a bit gutted cos i know i wont be able to wear them again after today after spending all the time hanging on to them cos they are way to big but good news also oh and A BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY FOR TOMORROW xx
  8. office girl

    office girl Full Member

    Happy birthday for tomorrow hun x
  9. cuddlyfairy

    cuddlyfairy Gold Member

    Congrats on passing your exam and a very, very happy birthday tomorrow.

  10. fattothin

    fattothin Gold Member

    hope you birthday tomorrow is as happy as today as been for you xxx
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