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Weekend motivation! :(

Can i just ask how do people normally get on at the weekend?

I seem to be struggling a little bit now. Now i've been doing it for a few weeks i seem to loose my focus at the weekend and binge out a little. My boyfriend does my head in sometimes too when we are out, goin in moods saying he doesn't want me to loose anymore weight and tries to feed me up. Lol.

If anyones got any tips how to resist tempation at weekends i would really appreciate it.

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I have the same problem!! Im so good all week and then wen it gets to the weekend it all goes down hill!!! It would be ok if I wasn't going out but most weekends I do n wen iv had a drink I want to stuff my face lol! Past 2 weekends iv had bbq's I go thinking I'm going to b good but never happens!! Nothing planned for this weekend yet so might have a good week lol x
Hi Jemma,

Me too ive been staying at my boyfriends and stuff and eating whatever is available. Then when it comes to monday i feel so guilty and i'm really worried for my WI on a tuesday morning. I don't want it to be like this every week now :/ Lol. But i am struggling a little bit. If im not out with the boyfriend im out with my mates on a night out including lots of alcohol haha.
I no it's soo hard!! U don't want to feel like ur missing out but also don't want to undo all the good work uv done the beginning of the week.... I'm so good until Fridays and then spend mon- we'd worrying about getting weighed on wed!!
Me too hun.

I need to learn to say NO i think haha. But its hard when you are with friends and they arent on a diet haha and they wanna go eating out and drinking.
I no, the other half knows better no lol he's quite good realy but I gate the thought of going to a restaurant and not being able to order what ever I want!! The alcohol is re worse thing for me it makes me want to munch lol x
Same here and if we do eat out im mythering and worrying about what i can have and ive got my boyfriend saying get what you want cos you don't need to loose weight. Then he gets annoyed at me lol. Tried to explain i'm doing it for me not him. But sometimes he is a little bit more supportive and offers to make me 'healthy food' if im over haha. I really need to crack down with myself i think...
My oh is a head chef so think I'm quite lucky there..... Mind u I blame him for making me put weight on in the first place by feeding me up lol. Suppose it's just getting the balance right that we can have treats sometimes I just always feel guilty!! X
I no I always think if I use them all I won't loose weight but other ppl seem to do it. Maybe wer being too hard on ourselves lol. Wer on a diet but still have to have a life as well that's why I think x


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I'm the opposite I find the week harder than the weekend, because I am un-employed the week drags and I have very little to do, which makes me just want to eat. Weekends seem easy to me because I am always doing something.

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