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weekend off... but is made me ill!!


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:cry:i ate yday, i had a pasta salad [rather big one:mad:] and thats it, and today i have had a jacket spud. But its made me so ill! i didnt want to cheat, but im hving a day off tomorrow for mothersday. Anyway, iv got such bad pains in my chest, like heartburn, and i feel so so sick, like majorly. I dont know what to do! i wnt to get back on cd 100000000000% now cause of the pain and never eat again.. help/advice asap plz :cry::break_diet:
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Hi hun i wanted to be 100% today but had a soup first time was horrid so didn't stay on plan.

mother's day tomorrow so doing ss+ with a chicken salad instead lol which is better then being off plan again like today..

Monday will be better for you im sure.x


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its the pain thats doing me. i dont trust myself to ever eat agai from monday. im not ready to eat yet, it that makes sense? i think i major heartburn
I think you're suffering cos you've eaten the wrong thing, from ketosis to carb-based meals all in one shot will be a hell of a shock to your system.

Don't let it put you off, just try to remember that it's not just how much you eat it's what it is that counts too.

When you go up through the plans on CD you reintroduce food in a very structured and carefully worked-out plan.

The thing to remember is that if you need to eat you would be better to choose low-carb options so chicken, fish, quorn etc and plain green veg like salad or maybe broccoli, cabbage, mangetout.

I'm sure this is just a temporary side-effect, it'll be your bodys way of telling you it's just not ready for a big dose of carbs yet lol.


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you sure il be okay? OH is cooking tea. Its really shocked me, i never ever want to eat again =[
you'll be fine Hun. as others have said, the carbs would have been a massive shock to your system. last time round with cd I really struggled and would fall off thecwagon and eat all manner of crap (chip butties, pizza, chips and cheese etc) and boy did I suffer big time! I used to have terribly severe stomach cramps in the night. so bad that I was doubled up and didn't know where to put myself! I did learn my lesson tho..... well, after the first 5 times!!!! eventually when I did come off cd I ate only 'good food' things like lots of fruit and veg, then slowly introduced pasta and bread etc and I felt as right as rain with no problems or tummy cramps or anything. when I fell off the wagon I went slightly crazy and ate all sorts, but when the time comes to do maintenance etc you will learn to eat the right things and because you are 'allowed' food again you won't feel the need to binge and cram as many different foods in as possible before you get back on the wagon again.
I hope this makes sense. and I'm am sure that this won't happen again to you as long as you eat sensibly xxxx


hoping for a good loss
Whenever I have had an off day and eaten a sandwich or crisps or something else high in carbs I too have felt rotten. Bad tummy cramps and awful heartburn. Think it goes to show what carbs do to our system. Enjoy Mothering Sunday tomorrow and then get back on it 100%. If on Mon you feel like nibbling, get on here asap and also remember the pains you are suffering now. Both will hopefully put you off.

Hugs hun, hope you are feeling better soon

Charlie xx

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