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Does your CC go awol at the weekend?! Mine does sometimes, but I don't want it to this weekend :cry: Do you eat what you eat during the week, or do you vary it and treat yourself a little?

Hubby is the most amazing cook, and loves to cook every Saturday night without fail. He is back on his healthy regime too, so I know he won't want anything too bad, but I just tend to lose control over my portions/calories when he cooks :( lol

I think this weekend though I will sit at the kitchen table and record all the ingrediants that are going in 'whatever', and try and work out how much a portion will be. Argh!! Have a feeling that's going to harder to do than it sounds!!

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altho, yeah i do treat myself at the weekend, usually as we are all at home mum will cook somthing, i dont eat out during week so if i see my bf at weekend we do eat out so we may go out for a meal, so thats a treat. also i pick more when im at home, get bored and stand in front of the fridge untill i eat something lol
but gonna go gym instead, so if i do treat a lil it wont be toooo bad

Lil K

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Weekends are always a killer for me, I guess its because I'm out of my working routine.

I usually go shopping first thing on a Saturday morning and can sometimes be a bit weak willed and come back with a few 'treats'. I then feel guilty about said treats and decide to eat them all 'out of the way' to wipe the slate clean for Monday - and so the cycle continues the following week :eek:. This used to be a real problem area for me, but I have managed to stamp most of it out with just the occasional blip.... (but let me tell you, sometimes the conversations I have with myself in my head about what I should and shouldn't buy can be exhausting! By the time I've got to the end of the shop I feel like just leaving the trolley there :D)

However the last couple of weekends I haven't encountered this problem. Because I've been ill i've been shopping on line and its so much easier to avoid temptation this way.

Another bonus side to the weekend is that I will usually pick a more advanced exercise DVD to do - knowing that I have the time and energy that I would have in the week ;)
weekends are defo a right slog for me...ok if hubby is working but if he is home...yikes...he is always eating...but not what i want to eat...he is so darn healthy it makes me sick! they do say opposites attract eh? lol!
i'm really hungry atm too, just drank some ribenna [sp?] :( bf can have a big lunch and at dinner quite happily has a salad... where as im ready for another big meal, not fair.

Lil K

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Don't get me started on what my hubby eats...... He is a bodybuilder and is currently weighing 16 stone (his heaviest weight was just under 18 stone when we got married - wanted to beef up for the wedding photos :p) - he NEVER stops eating :eek: His current calorie intake is around 4500 cals per day just to maintain, and he is struggling to gain any more muscle at that level. I tell him he's a lightweight if he can only manage 4500 cals in a day :D and that it wouldn't be much of a challenge for me! :8855:

.......It's just sooooo unfair!!! (said in a whingey whiney voice :p)
Would love to hear from someone. I appear to be restriced at the moment because only just joined.
Hi Linsy, welcome :D

Best way is to get stuck into the forum. We're a friendly bunch and seem to be quite active at the moment, so you'll get plenty of responses! I note you are doing Celebrity Slim, I haven't heard of that, what is it? There may even be a section on here for that, there is a section for most things! Good luck.

Lil K

Addicted to Minimins
Would love to hear from someone. I appear to be restriced at the moment because only just joined.

Hi Linsy :wavey:

Welcome to the CC board. Its getting to be quite a busy board at the moment!

How is the Celebrity Slim going? I've seen the adverts on the TV since just after Xmas and it seems like it works along the same lines as SlimFast? Out of interest, how much does it cost and what do you get for that?

Hope its all going well for you, and look forward to chatting with you soon x

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