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Weekends are hard


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me too:(

im at home all day during the week too as on maternity leave and i've been totally fine - but because hubby is off this weekend and my sister lives with us they seem to eat constantly. ive just thought about food all day.

and i never noticed before now how many adverts and telly programmes the are about food :rolleyes:
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It must be other people being around eating that is the problem. I work from home most if the week but I'm not finding that a problem, so it must be other people eating.


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Hi guys,
I have found this weekend hard for the first time- the others weren't so bad as we were busy and I could manage fine. This week though I've been miffed at missing social things that are just too difficult to negotiate (and even more so because my boyf refused on my behalf!) and for the first time last night the OH sat and scoffed pizza and glugged wine. TBH, it wasn't so much that I wanted to eat his food, more that I found it a bit icky how he scoffed it. Made a resolution not to be around if he is going to chow in future, as I really don't want it to become an issue between us. He is really, really supportive and helpful and can't be expected to forego everything- he has been eating really healthily almost all of the time and not making a fuss over it. I suppose I've come to associate this with a sort of clean austerity and his rather noisily wolfing a pizza (and why shouldn't he!) now seems to jar horribly.

Mental note- it's not his fault! it's not his fault! it's not his fault!


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I think it gets easier, at first i just felt really hard done by when everyone else was eating, and weekends were awful as they used to revolve around food for me, but now especially as i can actually see a difference in my weight, it feels so worthwhile. Hang in there, i never thought i'd see the day when food wasn't the forefront of my mind.

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i never noticed before now how many adverts and telly programmes the are about food :rolleyes:
OMG tell me about it! I find myselves obsessing over food adverts for food Ive never even eaten before in my life!

Weekends are hard... especially on this diet when you cant do the usual social things of going out for dinner and drinks.. even shopping - you dont want to buy anything because your body is still changing! The evenings are hard too as usually id like to rest with a big box of maltesers in front of the tv, where as during the week im so tired from commuting I just want a bath and to go to bed!

Tonight was a toughy - came home and mum had bought an indian takeaway - the whole house stills of chicken korma and naan bread :(
S: 22st7lb C: 16st5lb G: 15st5lb BMI: 31.1 Loss: 6st2lb(27.3%)
Hey, I'm chuffed, had to go to a birthday party this weekend, I managed to leave the beer and food alone, I just drank water and 1 CD soup.

I can do it...
I can do it...


Taking one day at a time.
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That is SO fantastic - very well done. Just goes to show it CAN be done!! SO hard sometimes - I cook others' meals 3-4 times a day - can be a KILLER! Well done you. xx

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