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Weekly Syns

I know a few people of have done this but you have to be careful not to overdo it at the beginning of the week and leave you short towards the end. Are you enjoying slimming world?. I have done both this and WW and both are very different but seem to be equally effective - is it suiting you?
Extra easy is a good option for that day, you could have say a mixed grill (less sausage of course as it will be full fat) and as long as long as you have jacket or boiled potatoes it would be ok, same with a salmon fillet or even cooked chicken.

It is hard getting you head round the fact that you can eat more if you are hungry and even things that were quite high in points - but it does work.

Good luck with it and enjoy your meals out.
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Hi ya, our consultant (when I was going to class) told us that we could save up a few syns for a weekend say, but only from the previous 3 days. She said that she found people who saved them up all week for a weekend blow out never did as well on the scales. I suppose its a bit trial and error for each individual but as long as you don't leave yourself short for the back end of the week, give it a go and see. Good luck. xxxxx
Im not planning on using LOADS to be honest, I know pretty much what Thursday lunch will be and reckon between a few non food things and champagne Ill maybe use about 15/20. Sunday maybe slightly more. I think for the most part Ill stick to my 5 - 15 but I just wondered if anyone else did it this way. Ill be taking Emma out for dinner next week so if I eat with her, thatll use a fair few. I think (for me) this is the only downside to SW


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Hi Staright

Before I even found Minimims I did SW alone via the internet, so always went off the 'rules' of not saving syns and just having 5-15 daily. It was only when I came on here I saw many people did them weekly and thought I would try it. To be honest it hasn't affected my losses at all but it does make life so much easier- especially for those nights out and weekends.

Give it a go mate- whatever works for you xxxxxxxxxx


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Sandy, i do this on a weekly rather then daily and my losses are no different.
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I think the key is that it must fit in with your lifestyle otherwise it becomes a chore, lots of people do weekly syns and it doesn't affect their weightloss so give it a go and see how you get on. Also I think from what my friends on SW have said EE is perfect for when you are eating out.


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Starlight I do mine weekly ~ it makes life so much easier! I go out every Wed with my mum for lunch and then I either go out for a meal or get a takeaway at the weekend. I don't feel like I am on a diet this way! I guess it is different strokes for different folks! xx


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I think it depends on your lifestyle too, I tend to have more syns at the weekend, we are both ex WW'ers and we were told we could save 4 points a day to save for weekends and eating out etc, so maybe we are still adjusting to the SW diet, you are seem to be doing really well, good luck to you.

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